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Me my self I love the game.. Really do I play it in my spair time and sumtimes I can't get out of it!! Lol I love it and it show up good on my phone jus a lot of color love love love!! Works great

I like this game and all the only thing I HATE about it is that the costumers are WAY TO IMPATIENT, other by that I LOVED, it there's ads after every level but there like ten seconds long. But there must of been a glitch or I worked really hard on this game and i I got like 50 JEWELS!!!! #level 18 gets harder and harder #DOWNLOAD THE GAME NOW!!!!!! Good

I liked this game a lot more when it had the tip envelopes more chance of getting gems very disappointed to lose the envelopes I just opened the seafood restaurant a glitch happened ended up paying twice I'm very frustrated out 8000 and 100 gems which is very hard to get might uninstall this game Fabulous!

Great game. Addictive. I dont mind ads, but i do mind when they launch. They load during levels instead of in between. Very annoying! I would give the game 3 stars, but im rating it five stars just to get the jewels. Just bein honest. Highly Recommend.

I really like the game, but I hate that I need gold AND diamonds to upgrade stuff. Why not just one or the other? If you're going to make me use both for upgrades then the least you could do is make both easier to get... Great!

Love the game, very addictive, but one glitch, THIS need to go through something like Facebook, I have 4 stores open on my old phone, new phone I'm back at 1, wtheck Superb!

Too much advertising. After watching an advertisement between games, a pop up screen of an advertisement will pop up right in the middle of your game and stop you from playing causing you to lose your focus. Also the control are horrible their is no tapping just dragging. The dragging is unresponsive sometimes and will cause customers to leave or burgers to burn. Plus side they give a lot of diamonds away. Works perfectly

It's a great game, but the ads are everywhere. It's kind of ridiculous. Love it to pass the time, though. It's hard to drag the order to each person. And I think it would be helpful if the wait time increased each time you add one of their items on their list. Worth it!

I A little tricky because, the orders are a bit confusing ( chiken burger or beef burger.. But overall, it's great game Good

It was a good game, but I can't access the other levels. I've reached out to the developer twice. I've spent money on purchasing gems, so I'd really like to find out how to move forward. Superb!

I already opened Korean restaurant but level 10 did not play. I restart my phone and open it again , but still the same. Please make a move regarding to it or else I will uninstalled it. Because its useless. I've already got 120 stars for other restaurants. Level 10 of Korean restaurant is my only problem. Go well

So good so far!! How do you move on to the next level if they're locked. I can't access other levels. Great!

In order to get extra diamonds to be able to play the game I had to give it 5 stars. I would have only given it 3! Awesome

I really enjoy playing this game very easy to and also every easy earn gems wao this game is super interesting I think you should really try this game you will like Fantastic

its intresting but controls should be the best ..that is we just have to touch the thing not to drag it Worth a go!

This games is a cool game to play..just starts off real slow. You need too many gems for upgrades love it

I am playing indian restaurant nOw a days but there is a prOblem.the nOn breads are nOt cOunting in achievement.kindly fix this issue.Otherwise enjOying this game Pretty good

I have only had like 2 to3 adds. Very fun and challenging, I would recommend people 3 and up to play this game. Superb!

I hate that i cant log this game into face book, and stay up on my levels instead.of starting from the beginnin Flawless

It is interesting and most of all i like to make the burgers. But the customers are impatient to wait and i hope at least you can update to make them wait a little longer then the game will be much enjoyable. Fabulous!

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