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Its ok There is only one problem you can't do all of the activities and most of the accessories and clothing is locked.Sometimes u can watch ads to get clothes.The next day u get on you don't have all ur stuff. Great job

My daughter loves it She lovesit but can you make everything free plz I rated 4stars if you make all of the activities free,I'll rate keep up the updates! Recommend

It is good I love coco games because it is fun to play with. Ut it gets glithcy and has too many ads only that but every thing else is gret, ( This is talking about all coco games ).

Good & Bad I don't like it because it is very slow and it's not having spa and....... it will be better iv you unlocked the spa and.........maybe I give dis game one star I I I I I I I hate hate hate hate hate hate it it it

Loved it It a very nice game. Interesting game also.we have to dressup coco and do her makeup do spa take photos of her then go to party. I loved and liked this game. It's very nice game. I liked this game i don't no that you liked this game or not but for me it is very nice and good game. I liked it

Mega amazing It is so good because you can dress them up in nice clothes and you can buy the nice wons. It is so incredibly everyone should be playing it because it is fantastic and nice. I loved it. See you soon coco beach party. My sign is Yasmin .T.K

Awesome Best game ever and everyone else just loves to complain to get attention

I LOVE IT! BEST GAME EVER! All of these coco party

I LOVE IT! BEST GAME EVER! All of these coco party Must have

Loved it I would have given it 5 stars but all activities were not there and I loved it because it's beach party is very easy that's why I am always the party queen.

Awesome! I love this game! It is the best! I love the dancing part.i love how the things aren't actually locked. I just realized that nothing locked! It also helps me get new games!

Its OK but...... Tab tale games ... there are always locked levels but well its OK but if this is not changed I would give bad rates to all the tab tale games huh.

Cc Dance to the sound and feel the beat and you can dress any way you fell and you get to put beautiful makeup on and look great but what I hate is you have buy these things ok it was the night party, photo stand, beach house ,and the spa.


Coco beach party Cool game , great clothing there should be more clothing unlocked and why do you have to wait so long for the party otherwise AWESOME game.

This game is fun for awhile but hate having to constantly buy and unlock things I've been a fan of your games since Ava the 3D doll which I think was a game that was done right. Instead of spending real money u could earn flowers and buy all the outfits. I would rather have that than having to spend real money. We should be able to earn money. Not pay $8 to get everything. Also this game forces u to got to the beach party, when u have nothing on, which u can only do once then u have to wait like 4 hrs. Please think bout this.

Love it This game is so fun a little on the slow side but awesome

I knda like it The game is so awesome but i cannot go to the night party cauze it's lock what is this you think that we hve money no why this is lock i am reeeaaly angry with this loock i hate when they are gonna pay with us ....... Pls unlock it were tired about playing frver like this . pls unlock it cauze we don't like paying with you i' m srry but this is just a game why we are about to pay with you everyone that create this game... Pls ..,,............. . give us a full version of coco party

It would be better... If all dresses and things... are opened and if the spa ana the night studio was opened and if the time from a dance 2 sance would be lesser!!!

I like it but I really liked it but I wish you can save your changes while you wait. Like when you delete the game so you can wait when you turn the game on you have to redo everything you did. And also some of the places are locked if it was everything free and save what you do I will give it 5 stars.

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