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Great game! Totally addicted. Would be even better if the leader board had more stats and if there was a timer, so you can see when the hourly best starts and finishes. Also would be cool to be able to review and save certain 'epic' crashs'. Superb!

Amazing and wonderful game. I have ever played.but sometime private matches are unstable. wow lol

This is a good game and everything is good but there is problem i won missile truck and then i sanved progress to cloud as well this game was somehow deleted and when i re installed it i sighned in but i did not got missile truck. Pls give it back to me. Works great

Best game ever you never know what to expect. You could be bashing cars or using power ups to kill them. But the best part is the veriaty in the stages. Over all a realy good game but please remove stage rotation. Works great

This is the most fun game I have played since fnaf 6 came out! I love how there is a offline mode that you can play if you don't have WiFi. Also I love how cheap the deals are! wow lol

Where is the gorge, bring it back, the mine is ok but why the gorge? Plz bring it back and I rate 5 star. Overall it is fun except for all of the people that hunt you down for your crowns, it is fun, the offline mode is amazing. THANKS FOR BRINGING BACK THE GORGE!! Surprisingly

Definitely would recommend. Hours of fun. With access to offline play. Great game for any time. Tons of stuff to collect. Many ways to play. Just wish there was a way to have a custom "random" car so you could choose what cars are cycled through Go well

Was great until it started getting laggy. Was on path for records many times but died suddenly because of the lag. Too bad! Fabulous!

To get to level 10 unlock research facility you need to be able to put any two cars you want together so that you can get both of their abilities in one car and it needs to be able to be done multiple times and be able to put cars that you don't have anyone unlocked yet together then I will rate a full 5 stars Good

It's an okay game game, but it has some major bugs that need to be fixed. I sometimes get random teleported to a different side of the map and die sometimes because of it. There are also times when I get an item and I'm about to active the item and it vanish at CRITICAL times where I could've stayed in the lead but died cause of it. Great example: There was this one time where I had the most crowns and I was on the verge of death I press to active the shield and it just vanishes then a second later I get taken out by a cannon. The same exact situation happen too except I had health and went to go press it but nothing happened and I get blown to bits. So yeah it is a decent game but it has it's flaws as well. Please fix them because this has been going on since I installed the game and that was 4 months ago. The controls also should be looked into because there are times where I will want to turn right or left but it will continue going in the same direction. I know it isn't my phone because it's nearly brand new and is quite responsive to the touch with apps and I have plenty of RAM and storage. Well done!!

Games good bit updates are needed... Lag needs fixing, some people get killed but don't drop their crowns, one cannonball or 1 homing missile sometimes 1 shots people at full health + armor and i even got killed by my own railgun yesterday normally i can drive through it.... Then there's the whole getting rammed from 1 side of the map to the other without being able to drive away or do anything about it Highly Recommend.

Plz fix this I can't even play the game I click play for the tutorial and it freezes Flawless

I like the game but maybe if you could fix the lag issue that would be great. People lag and then oops you're dead. Make the people with crappy connection go offline! Great job

The game is actually pretty fun and I really enjoy playing it , but as far as support goes from the makers I haven't seen any proof that they have any human beings at the controls. After you reach a certain level they stop giving you any free gifts. In summary the game is awesome and the support sucks. Superb!

Design was cute. Nice gameplay. Too bad i have to uninstall it to get more space in my phone. Gonna download it again soon Flawless

Watching this game evolve from before the fidget spinner was a car and there were secret cars in the game.... this game is unbelievable and it gets better and better. A few things I have to suggest would be to have game modes like soccer because the way this game works soccer would perfectly fit. I enjoy this game so much. Thank you for your time and effort towards this masterpiece 5 star

The game is pretty good but it lags a lot . It doesn't matter which server you choose everywhere its the same. I hope you guys do something to solve this. I would have rated it 5* but their are many issues in the game so only 4*. Pretty good

It is the best game i have ever played but i am playing from long time and not getting any legandry or epic i want pls give me tank and dragon. Both are my favourite and best cars Enjoy it!

Why my free gift is not opening please do anything for it I want my free gift chest please please please please please please please please please please Thnk U and my best crown collection is 501! Worth it!

This game is awesome. Now I know how to keep it from freezing and crashing, but still being able to play online. First, turn off wifi and mobile data. Then, if you haven't completed the tutorial, do so. Once you do that, go to the gear in the bottom right. Tap connection and then go to change server. Test each server until you find one that doesn't crash(The one that worked for me was Europe.) and then you can play online! Good

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