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Good job My asus zenfone 5 can standby more than 1 days using this app, my setting is while sleep set 2G connection-800Mhz-all app standby(bbm-whatsapp-etc)

User friendly! I'm not a pro at this. The profiles, and a little bit of reading, and you can get a great understanding of saving battery life. I love performance, but I hate charging all the time. So a happy medium is a must for me. I use the normal setting, and since I set it up to power save evenly from full battery to empty, my phone not only is obviously saving battery, It seems much smoother surprisingly. I can't see why anyone would give this app a poor rating. Thank you for the excellent app developers!

App improve battery life indeed This is the first app which I have seen which actually does what it promises. My battery life saw an increase of at least 10% if not more. I totally recommend this app.

Great It's the only free app I found that can actually set the CPU speeds of my Shield Tablet on Lollipop.

Facing problem With selecting 2G/3G .. Its not working for me !! i use 3G but whenever im selecting 2G on the profile, its not switching the connection speed, remaining 3G all the time. Except this prob the app is great. Thank you

It just work... Work like a charm. A bit confuse about terminology, but i swiftly understand how to setting. Cool job. Theme should be good but nice to have.

this app is a must have for rooted users. Awesome

Best ever android app I used for power saving. Go well

Great app for controlling the CPU usage. Enjoy it!

Please support I use CPU tuner on my galaxy j docomo which run Android sphinx v1b 4.4.2 I set my cpu min clock to 300mhz and max cpu clock 2300 mhz. It's very ok with performance and power save. But the min cpu clock was auto change to higher value !? i don't know why. Could you tell my how to keep my min cpu clock value?

Works great Let's you adjust how much juice your processor runs on, increasing or decreasing battery life depending on how you use it.

Love it! Its wicked! Automatic functions! Makes phone lasts longer! Problem i found is: 1. if i press help & go back the minimum cpu speed goes up to the max. 2. If my phone sleeps (not lock) & i wake it up, it still detects screen off, even though its awake. I have to lock it then unlock to correct it. 3. If i restart my phone i have to lock & unlock my phone to correct it to d configs i chose.

Works, exactly what I needed. My spotify would stutter because the min cpu was too low for screen lock, this allowed me to change the min cpu for on and off screen and it fixed the issue. It really saves so much trouble. Thanks

Can't always get full speed Using it on rooted Samsung s3 - lot of the time the cpu falls down to 0.8ghz or 0.2ghz even though I have it set 1400ghz performance setting in every profile, apart from that it's good.

Great tool for power users. I've been looking for a tool like this for ever. It helps battery life quite a bit. Especially if you take the time to really customize the profiles for your usage patterns. As of this writing, It doesn't seem to be able deal with enabling/disabling lte on my phone, but otherwise fantastic.

Enjoy your whiskey Hey man I had to donate I've used this app for a long time and it really help especially since I got my HTC one cheers and thanks

OK but..... Sometimes I find tablet slow and this app has set CPU as if screen off when it is actually on so I have to manually change it to ramp speed back up...

Really good but.. I have been using this app now for about half an hour now and I love it however there should be an option where when the device is charging none of the power saving profiles should apply because when im charging my phone and I lock it to go downstairs and come back with my wifi off etc it can be quite annoying but other than that its really good. If you guys could add that feature then I will definitely give the extra star!

Really helps with battery life! I love CPU tuner. I have my phone set to run max clocks when in use, and simply set the CPU to lowest frequency when the screen is locked. I don't use my phone all the time, in fact I only use it when I need to get a hold of somebody or check email, and a bit of social networking. My phone would die halfway threw the day before, but now I can get almost 40 hours out of it!!

Awesome It's really great app. My games were laggy sometimes but after using performance overclock it started going lightning fast speed. Great app

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