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So helpful! I'd have been in some trouble making my book cover without this. Love Wattpad and everything it stands for! If you like vampire books, give me a look up, user An_angry_octopus, I also follow back :D Great job

As an author on wattpad, I found it really hard to create bookmarks that would interest my audience enough to read my book. This app made it sooo much easier and I love it. I have one point to make though. I really love the samples given however I think that the options are limited and even though they are beautiful, they are not always what the people want. If there were more options then I would have no comments in the app. Marvelous

Amazing, but I have some ideas This is honestly an amazing app that helps me alot with my books. However, I feel that there are still ways to make it better. Like being able to pick an app where you can get pictures from. The samples are great for some things, but they don't normally fit. So maybe be able to pick things from apps based on what the device has..? Just an idea Well done!!

Amazing and Easy! This app is amazing and so easy to use, along with Wattpad itself! I recommend this app to anyone looking into Wattpad and wanting to easily make a cover! However, I only had one problem. Lately, whenever I try to upload the cover onto my book in wattpad, it won't work and says it failed to launch cover. Please fix this issue! I do however think you should add a grid thing to where you can add more than 1 photo. Other than that, I loved this app and hope everyone else does too! Just wow

Well... I use it quite a lot. The product is always great. There may be no gradient or anything fancy, but because of that simplicity, easy to use. I think the product depends on your knowlege of graphic design and the usage of the fonts. It's so simple and amazing. It's ad-free and doesn't take up much space. Amazing!

The easiest way for most people to add a cover for their book. However, I wish most of the time the actual app Wattpad allows you to select a cover in the app, or at least this app should allow you to download the cover you made so you can use it for your book. Remember when Wattpad asked for gallery pictures or this app? Is that still a thing? Doesn't feel like it at this rate... Muito bom!

I absolutely love this app, it has given me a love for making covers. However, it could improve. It could be better with the use of more fonts, better framing, and have it so the pictures don't blur when the frame cuts it short. The image isn't as clear and concise when I use this app. That needs much improvement. That and a better editing tool so we can get a better, vivid professional cover Perfect!

The app is great and easy to understand (for us with zero design eyes). The only problem lm facing is whenever l want to edit texts it wont let me. I can put in my name and story but thats it. Have tried reinstalling but it wont work.. I'm stuck now what should l do??? love it

I really liked it, the update made it awesome. But I saw there aren't as many photos in the gallery they give you. And when I tried to select my whole title and delete or change it, it wouldn't work. Idk why but overall very good! It makes it the perfect size and you have lots of choices to make your cover very cool. Overall I loved it! Enjoy it!

It's so nice I love writing books but I kinda suck at thinking of what picture I want the cover to be. I used to just pick random pictures but then I found out they had a covers app! It's so easy and nice to use. My current book has the perfect cover and it has a fricking title! Recommend

Fine Actually I was a little disappointed. I was expecting much bigger, much better that it is right now. It lacks of more styles to choose from and fonts, effects and examples. Suddenly I felt unlucky of installing this but it helped me out somehow, for a bit. But still I am not impressed. I would give it five stars when you finally fulfill it completely. Please satisfy all users and by doing so, SATISFY ME. Marvelous

I think it's good but they could add a lot more pictures. That's my only problem. There are a limited amount of pictures and the app can't use pictures that are too small. If you could be so kind as to add more pictures and put them in different categories, for example Sci-fi, Action, Mystery, etc, it would be a whole lot better 5 star

I like the app!! The app itself is amazing and easy to use. It helps me when I need a new cover for a new book. It's really useful and I don't have to worry if I saved it or not I can just press the back button on the screen, wait for it then exit. But one problem is that the photos there are very boring and very common. No new pics bo nothing the filters are alright but it's not that many the fonts are cool but it only has a few...the app is amazing but lacks creativity wow lol

While I think this app can be useful. There are some things that cause me to cringe. For example, rotating text doesn't exist in this app. So all text will be horizontal. Second, while I like the different fonts and being able to change the size and color. I do not like having to go to a separate tab to do so. So that's why this app receives a 3/5 in my book. If you're gonna make a useful app like this than at least make it as convenient to use as possible. Must have

Great, but bring your own backgrounds. This app is wonderful for those of us whose talents do not include digital design. But, while the premade backgrounds aslre beautiful, and will work for almost any genre or theme, it would be nice if they had more options. After a while, you'll find yourself feeling rather ridiculously using the same background over and over again because only that one works for the moods of each of your stories. Besides that, this is a wonderful app, and if you can find the backgrounds yourself, a very helpful tool. Pretty good

Love but... I remember before I started using Covers by Wattpad I'd always struggle with the covers I made on other apps. They'd be too big or too small and it'd take forever for me to make it perfect. But with this app it crops so it fits perfectly on the Wattpad cover. I don't really care about the pictures they suggest cuz I find my pictures on Google. But I'd like more fonts, more editing or filters, and an easier way to find the perfect colors you want...if those were added then the app would be 100% perfect. Awesome

Love this app The app is very helpful. I have no complaints. I've been writing my story for a while and I was worried about finding a good cover, but this app made it easy. I took a picture, made it look really good, then I just added the title and my name and it was done. It only took me a couple minutes after I took the right picture. Just wow

Yassss! I make loads of covers on wattpad and this is really useful. I always use it, even on really complicated covers. I think the best bit about it is that it crops it to size perfectly so you don't get any nasty suprises if you crop it wrong and some of the pictures are actually quite nice. 5 star

Great I've never had a major problem with this app, like with Wattpad itself. It's great if you want a quick, easy cover. The only thing I would suggest is more fonts and more filters because using the same font over and over again gets boring. Amazing!

Helpful It's pretty useful, especially for those with no previous experience in designing covers and such. Also quite simple to use. Only things that need improvement are the sample cover pictures. More should be added to improve it. The picture quality of the final cover work can also be made better. It's a tad poor. Other than that, fantastic app. Perfect

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