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After a period of time the game shows some error and ask to uninstall and download again. I have reinstalled it 5 times in last 1 month. Please solve this issue. Otherwise it is great game to play and i am happy to have it in my mobile Omg

I love how you guys designed this game please make more games like these for your fans. love it

انها حقا رائعة. .. الجرافيك نظام التحكم..رائعة فقط رائعة Not bad

Very good graphics .Good guns more and more revard .....Too good download first..... Must have

Great time killer, haven't spent any money on game and still getting characters and weapons I want, Pretty cool game, I'd recommend this to anyone that likes 3rd person shooters. Amazing!

Easy to get into; don't have to get too many rewards to progress. It's good that it has many playable characters. Highly Recommend.

I just downloaded it and I'm acdicted all ready bad ass game best shooting game ive fond Worth a go!

Great Game!!!!! Good bite size missions that you could or should be able to pick up or put down, but once you start you CAN NOT put it down!! I also love the fact that for once the rewards I feel are in keeping with the in-app purchases so well done devs keep it up!!!! Great job

Great game , really enjoy it at the moment. Graphics and gameplay are fun with a lot of options. But the constant nagging of promo offers gets a bit much. Would have rated 5 Worth a go!

I love this game and I am quite upset of because if we can buy weapons we can achieve more so I request in new update u will do us favour love it

This is a very good game. You get daily rewards to unlock players and weapons and also gives you money ang gold to buy or upgrade your skills . Graphics are awesome. You can play online or offline your choice. Missions are cool and tricky. Fabulous!

Well paced game. Good progression. Not too heavily pushed towards in app purchases. Loses points for the female shooters dress sense. I'm guessing the design was by two adolescent boys. Flawless

Keep up the good work and when you guys release the next version...focus more in the graphics. Brilliant

Nice graphics good and challenging. I've had some trouble with the controls but it's still a solid 4. Omg

It's ok, I like the control of the weapon for tight areas, but having to move around too much was not very good. I did not like some of the rigid play, the inability to interrupt, restart or replay a level. Just too rigid in rules. The aiming was ok, but not many options with a smart phone. Nice game, but a bit clunky to play. Fabulous!

Great game with good monetary policy. You can enjoy the entire game through moderate grind. Youbget characters weapons and all the fun without having to spend money. Excellent work team :D Surprisingly

Great game love playing annoying have to wait a couple of days to play some events. Takes a while to gain money to get ahead in levels. Works great

Its a gud game...the main thing which i liked is this game can be playexd in has a gud graphics and control....the more u play the more u get satisfaction... Awesome

Best Android based shooter game since Sniper 3D. I'm looking forward to a new and exciting challenge. Bring it on! Highly Recommend.

Good game! Only complaint is that it takes a while to get the money to level up and you can't progress until you do. Perfect!

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