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It worked for me. There are certain stipulation you MUST follow or you will NOT get your money. Other than that I love it! Omg

I'm about to make my first purchase through coupon cabin so check back with an update in few days let's see what this company is about. Fabulous!

I don't shop online without using Coupon Cabin' s app! I have an android phone & have never encounter any problems whatsoever, unlike other reviews that I've read. Just a week ago I had to contact customer support with an email requesting an egift card to be reissued. They responded back within hours, helped me out tremendously, reissued my egift card with no problems! Their customer service was beyond my expectations compared to other sites that I've used in the past. 5 star

Lets try it I hope it works as good as everyone says. Downloading now,because of good reveiws Worth it!

Fantastic! (: Works better than most other coupons apps out there. Most deals and variety. If you're looking for the best coupon app, this is the one(: Muito bom!

Awesome love it They gave me cash back and you have a option to get it by check or paypal and other ways you just pick Recommend

New, and seams to have more deals than EBates. I'm excited to get started saving, This app is all new to me, yet as I learn more about it I noticed that there's a lot more to offer than just cash back like EBATES. CODES - DEAL OF THE DAY - a Side Kick feature-suggestions on where to get the most savings plus free Shipping for a product I'm about to purchase, It's very helpful!

I cant scroll up Every time I try scroll up, the entire page scrolls left or right. its so difficult to make the page scroll up or down. Please fix.

The best coupon app on the market. Cool

Highly recommend for anyone looking to save money and save BIG. Worth a go!

Yes please Love this site and the app makes it that much easier to get the deals I am looking for.

Good coupons Like this site never have problems with coupons. Now you get cash back. Yipeeeee:)

It's not working This app is great when it works. But lately I cannot get it to work. It is unable to download the search index for some reason. I would love to reinstall & use it when this problem is fixed. It would rate 5 stars with me then.

Great app... I always check Coupon Cabin before I buy anything and usually I can find a coupon code that will help me save money. Every penny counts.....

Unused The CC website is great for finding codes but I find the Shopular app more handy on the go.

Great I use it everyday .. got a great deal and now im hooked... everyone should try it

I've used CpnCabin 4ever... I follow them on TWITTER, since they answer ANY Question's U have &/or Re-Tweet Ur 'good stuff/ finds' ;) This App IS WAY BETTER than that other (COUGH!-RetailMeNot)... &That's the HONEST truth.. (look Urself) I'v utilized their website/browser bar +6yrs now--hands down more info & promos.. I never liked the fore-mentioned (RMN) b/c GOOGLE's search pulls them up 1st & on Avg--*70%* of their offers were/ ARE EXPIRED! No, Thank U! Jecca3 ;)

Love it Love it. It is easy to use locally, our when travelling. You can even set it to your stores. Highly recommend to anyone who likes saving money.

Great app! You fixed the force close!! Thank you. Now an amazing app with so many deals including grocery deals!!

#save-money Donna S.! Great app Love all the offers, just wish you just didn't have to print most deals off your home computer. If I wanted to do that, I would just use my home computer for all my discounts. Still a great app, though.

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