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After the last updates it's brilliant and awesome. Love the interface and the customisation options. Brilliant

The days don't match between the app and small widget options. Small widget icon is one day more than the count down. I have used the app in the past to keep track for my obstacle cojrse races and I do like it. Worth a go!

Afyer trying so many countdown widget this is the best one for me .great work by the makers. Marvelous

Simple & easy to use. Just the thing I was looking for. Their customer support is helpful & friendly, too! Great job

If you're looking for the best countdown timer you've found it. It's got widgets that are aesthetically pleasing and it's crazy easy to use. Omg

Very easy to use, lots of flexibility, and I love that you can add your own photos as icons for each countdown. Just wow

Thank you so much for fixing the ad issue with paid version and for adding the photo feature! Only thing missing is the option to customize/create themes ourselves. Maybe in a future update? All in all, the best countdown app for my needs. Good

It's only showing me days, not hours and minutes like advertised. Otherwise it's good. You can even set notifications. Cool

Have used on multiple devices now. Non-intrusive. Works well. Easy to setup and personalize. Does what it says it does. Well done!!

Great app, some of the main controls are not obvious, UX not great. I need a week countdown as well! Works great

Great app. Let's you see many coutdowns at once. Wish there were more choices for icons to select. Otherwise, very useful. Fabulous!

So far so good. I like the widget options a d that I am able to customize the size of the widget and countdown. However I foo wish that when I tapped on the widget to open it up, it would being me to a bigger view of the smaller icon/widget, as opposed to re-opening the app to make adjustments to the countdown. If i want to adjust the countdown I should able to that thru the app itself. Worth a go!

This app needs better support for count up. When configured count up the days are shown in -ve. The count up/down time is displayed in days, hr, sec. Need support for yrs, months, weeks. Also need support for a single event to show both count up and count down like how many years you have lived and how many days left for next bday Marvelous

Using synchronised on phone and tablet, good stickers, no crashes. If using hours, better incude in task killer exeptions. Worth it!

This app is nice but need some improvement really. In terms of repetition- it's limited. Could you please update with many options. Thank you!!! Worth it!

I needed a widget to countdown & this served the purpose perfectly, with a good selection of styles. wow lol

Doesnt count a day from 12AM so an event at 9am Thursday will show as no days left from 9.01 on Wednesday. Should treat days as actual days not a 24h period. Shame as otherwise good Worth it!

Thank you for the "dark theme". The all white was a massive eye soar. All good now wow lol

Accurate and real easy to use. Allows weekly, monthy and other set amount to reset. Don't have Pro so somethings may be different. The ads don't bother me. Cool

Was forced to update to the hideous glaring version because after rolling back to version 4.8, the ads (which I PAID to remove along with the cloud backup) were suddenly appearing among all my countdowns. Will keep an eye on this newer version to see if they pop up again as with some users have mentioned in their reviews. If this happens, I may have to hunt for another countdown app that doesn't cheat ppl out of their money. Must have

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