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Settings not right maybe. I have to open it for it to count down. Stays on same number from previous day unless I open it. Could not find a setting for automatic update. Works but is annoying to have to open it every day.

ok Но для счета в строке состояния "Отсчёт Дней" круче

Perfect, Simple Love this one - it's not cluttered or ad-ridden, and it does exactly what I was needing. bug thanks, really solid work.

Great little app... 5th star if can increase size of the ??? Days in notification area... How about just the number not saying days....fine in tablet but too small on my mobile.... Alternatively, on drag down to see full entry.....make the ??? Days bigger or include the number of days in the text 3 Days to 22 January, 2015...could also shown number of days for 500+ entries...

Nice and neat. After the latest update today, the one and only bug I found in this app seems to have been fixed. Seems a lot better at the moment anyway. Very nice, clean, simple little countdown. EDIT: Nope, bug is still there. Second countdown still disappears when I own other apps, Feedly and Chrome browser are just two examples. Is easily cured by simply clicking on the notification area but still...

Why not just 6D instead of days? Then the number would be larger? Notifications unable to take turns, one after another?

I love it It comes in handy when you're counting down until a concert from your favorite artist

Prefect There's nothing to not like about this app. It does one thing and it does it very, very well.

Simple, easy. Great app, but found a small glitch when switching time zone back, causing date to go back one day (ex. it's 1am on 2nd but you set time back to 11pm on 1st.). The timer is off by one day. Cleared cache and it solved problem.

great app, but... keeps running in background as service, when i don't need it...please fix... there's no need for it to run when there's no notifications set

Love it! Overall great app! It was exactly what I was looking for, better even! I'd been trying to find a countdown app for ages and was looking for one that was a widget for the home screen. I couldn't find a single one that I actually liked. Then I stumbled upon this app, which instead of a home screen widget shows the countdown in the status bar. I like that even better! It's very simple, but great!

It's convenient. I like seeing the amount of days left in my status bar. But I wish it had more color options other than white or green.

#live-wallpaper Over 500 days?! Currently, if counting down over 500 days, this displays "500+" instead of the actual number of days? Is there a toggle to allow this to display the actual number of days?

Cooool! ! !! ..right THERE, AND easy to see...EASY TO USE! ! ! Nice works DEVs! ! ! (MoRAZrMAXXhd). Recommend to download Countdown in Status Bar APK.

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