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although the sport sometimes lagging however I nevertheless revel in it. The gameplay is very good. Highly Recommend.

Just downloaded game seems great lots of stuff to do BUT! i cant read a dam thang please for tha love of alla PLEASE!!! have english translation really want to enjoy tha game Amazing!

Like the game and the concept.But kind hard to understand what to do since there no English translation. Enjoy it!

There are so many things this game can offer. Nothing is ordinary here and this is a kind of game you just love to spend your time with. Surprisingly

Bored? I never get bored anymore With Dragon Hunter COOP. Thisis the I have been looking for. What an exciting game! Cool

This is jaw-dropping. Once you start playing this game, you will surely forget your problems. This will simply have you hooked. Muito bom!

Dragon Hunter COOP is now one of the most played online game. This is making other online games lame in comparison. Amazing!

With such an amazing story plot, there is no way that you will not enjoy this game like me. This is just too exciting to ignore. Perfect!

The game can be easily learned. You will enjoy combating with your enemies and at the same time, you will also enjoy choosing your avatar. love it

I enjoy tackling all the hurdles in this game. It makes me feel like I am really capable. This is such an amazing game. Omg

This game is keeping me from going out which can be costly. Instead of seeking my friends out, I am now contented to just be at home. Must have

First-rate! Yes, this is the perfect word for Dragon Hunter COOP game. You check this out and for sure you can say the same thing. Omg

Kool characters & costumes. They keep it fresh with new updates monthly as well as weekly maintenance which is really good since they can take care of any bugs right away. Perfect!

This game is really great and I simply love this so much. I downloaded this game to my two devices. I think I am now addicted. Works perfectly

Game is really fun so far. Haven't ran into any issues yet. Falling in love with this game, Great graphic and easy to play. Perfect

The developers responded pretty fast for any bugs and errors and they keep an open communication with the players. Highly recommended. Great job

Fun game to play on the go. I haven't had any problems with it so far. Good game. Perfect!

This is my favorite game on mobile and it is one of the best games I've played period. The game is fun; challenging, constantly evolving and they are extremely generous with rewards. Fantastic

it's a high-quality, fast paced recreation that has stored me entertained for hours on stop. It does end up a piece of a grind after awhile, however i love it because there is continually something to do. Well done!!

notable a laugh. Makes the time bypass like you are status nevertheless. i'd certainly recommend it. Perfect

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