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My phone is clearly over heating because of the way it feels but every time I click cool down it says that its already cooled. This app does not want to work for me Cool

This is the best cooling apps ever. I seldom rate. But this app fixed my overheating phone. More power to the creator of this app. More power guys. Fabulous!

Really works! Doesn't need complicated tech blah, blah, blah, to set up, or start-up!! CPU Cooler Master Works great for alerting you when the temperature is getting dangerous. Apps still run while in cool down mode. Works perfectly

Freeezeer So far so makes a difference on my cell phones temp because my S3 HAS a tendency to overheat wow lol

Try it my cell phone was getting overhit(100+ f). But after installation of Coller Master my cell phone really has the normal temperature(90-94+). It's really talented research. Huge thanks to the developer. . . We 'll be with you. Marvelous

Simply super This application is awesome. Its better than Coolify. Since i got the application, my cell phone temperature has not gone over 60°. my cell phone is old and some of the applications don't "root" and this works best on my cell phone. I lovz you guys!!! Amazing!

Why do you advertise Mature women it's embarrassing sat next to my partner she thinks I was Looking for a Hooker I'm going to have to uninstall on the grounds of I'm offended. Sorry nothing personal. Highly Recommend.

App is more user friendly than another one that I had. The other one was annoying it constantly interrupted what I was doing. Great job

Best I've used to keep phone cool I had alot of overheating issues this app is amazing I can literally feel how much cooler the phone is. You have to get this Application!! Real talk it's the best. Well done!!

Crazy how fast this cooler works! Get it! Get it! Get it! Get it before your phone burns up! Worth a go!

Best application eva I have had this application very time I got a new phone .And so far, this application nva let me down. Shuts down applications I Nova thought would over heat my cell phone. Keep up the gd .work☺ 5 star

Identifies heat generating applications. Deactivates running applications. Brings down the device temperature. Well done!!

Cools your phone breezily in a matter of seconds. Like dumping water on a fire! Drastically reduces CPU temp. and that's amazing! Pretty good

I have tried many cooling applications, as I have the phone... Which likes to overheat quite frequently. This application cools it down quicker than any other free applications I have tried. Been using it for a little over a gid now! Definitely recommend. Worth a go!

Cools it down real fast lovz it so five stars for me keep making applications like this Perfect!

Very Pleased with Antivirus. You'll need to get use to the verifying each app or just moving through your phone. but I haven't had any dangerous risk, virusissues since I've downloaded Antivirus Worth a go!

The application really does what its inteneded to do. No disapplicationointments with this one ever. Within one check and closing of heating applications my cell phone went from being 41.3 degrees Celsius to being 35.6 degrees. This application has an amazing feature that one can watch it's phone's temperature decrease slowly and the application displays to the user what it monitors. Fantastic application! A complete Life saver Must have

So far, it's doing what it's supposed to. I've gotta cool down several times daily, but so far I can tell a difference in temperature. Phone's outside temperature feels a lot less warm than before. Thanks for reading. Works great

bGreat application to find applicationlications that are heating up the phone,the biggest is the android operating system and screen ,intensity, keep dim unless watching a movie. GREAT applicationLICATION. Well done!!

Every time Iam using inter net so over heating my cell phone. Ihad to download this application. Now every thing is well and 5n Works great

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