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I would give it five stars but oneproblem is that the customer come once again if I don't give than the food and it asks the the Star to unlock the gate Ian in level 40and to unlock level41 I have to unlock the gate Muito bom!

This is the problem that customers is coming again and again if they not I give five stars to it Perfect

Great improvement from the last review I made, since update has been made this game has been quite enjoyable thank you! Well done!!

Love it but would be better if we had more chances of getting energy without hacing to pay after just starting. Highly Recommend.

Love this game. But you have to wait too long it you don't spend your own money to play longer. At some point you can't even watch a video to keep playing. Amazing!

A nice restaurant game. The gameplay is fun and challenging as the game goes on. The graphics are also nice. The only problem is getting 3 stars is harder when you get a string of customers ordering the same thing since you can only have each station working one one thing. Fabulous!

The algorithm to make the game tough is not fair. I may be winning yet loose because the customers won't come. Great job

Nice game if u could upgade ur things using the money u make not the cash u have to earn slowly it would be alot better Must have

Enjoyable once you know what to do the only problem is upgrading your tools because u have to use notes instead of coins and notes u hardly get. Amazing!

Great way to pass time, its a very addicting game. I just think there should be more ways to earn money. Cool

Very well designed having fun and a good time pass. But increasing the customers should be a bit easy Fabulous!

Some levels are very hard and you have to use your money to get boosters therefore you cannot buy kitchen items Superb!

I love a good cooking game this game allows me to be able to cook while having to do a strategy on making sure that I plan everything to the right time so I can get everything out to make my points it's the perfect cooking game for me 5 star

Plays much better. Developer fixed the dragging of the chef but game still freezes from time to time. I had to uninstall and install a few times. Fabulous!

Actually the energy is less and when energy isbif we go to buy we didn't only for this reason I didn't like the ga!e otherwise the game is very nice and one more thing the coustmers go very fast they don't wait for long time for food.... Perfect!

Good way to pass time. Challenging, yet fun & always new levels & foods to make, so good variety Pretty good

This game is best game..but i am unable to play it on my new oppo just appears on the corner at half of screen..i dont know what happened..nd its only 4.6 Mb.. If there is any solution please someone let me know.. Thanks Well done!!

Cute, fun game. Very relaxing and just an overall great little game. I really enjoy it! Just wow

Best cooking game app for me Omg

What kind of update happened this time?? My apps stoped automatically again and again when i am playing Surprisingly

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