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I like this game..just wish you were able to play a little more without having to keep blue diamonds. Not bad

I like it until I got to restaurant 4 level 4 and the timer doesn't go, it stays a 2 mins Pretty good

Amazing master chef game. Been playing it all day! Fun, yet challenging and addictive. Just wow

This game is fun it reminds me of Diner dash but with more control! My husband and I are in competition to see who completes levels with highest scores and the most upgrades. We love this game! Muito bom!

Occupies my time It's a good game just hate after the new update (which I love) all my progress was deleted but I still like it!!!!! Cool

I like it This game is awesome but needs to make it a little harder than the other ones to make it better Awesome

Scrable cook Cookinh prep. Game is good but have very hard time getting to next level. But that's good game too Worth a go!

Cooking scramble games Nice game, but it have you washing dishes over and over again instead of one time. Would you fix the glinche. Thank you.....please reply Worth a go!

I LOVE IT It's so fun!ignore all the haters and be proud of yourself whoever created this AMAZING game Works perfectly

Super fun Not overly hard but still so enough to keep you going. Not too many ads but you can watch as many videos as you need to get coins and gems. Been hooked for weeks now. ^-^ Good

Its fun Its fun and enjoyable game..u can play it while waiting for the train or Surprisingly

I love it It's fun and easy but a ton of ads if not for so many it would get 5 stars. Thanks for a great. By the way I do understand the ads you have to get paid some how but dang. Muito bom!

The ads!? I understand the reason for having ads but does there really have to be so many? I have an ad every minute or two. Works great

Cool Game This game has no more ads then any other free game. It's all part of being able to play for free. It's a fun game and I really enjoy playing it. 5 star

Hi there, I just got this game and I love it,But when I serve drinks to customers it freezes in the mid of my order,please fix this,I love the way you can watch vids for coins ,,and gems, without having to pay in app,I really do love this game its awesome,but please the freezing on serving customers,and I will gladly rate other star,hope to hear from you people asp, as its spoiling my fun ,thank you Cool

I made a purchase and haven't received it in the game yet..I've tried restarting it and everything Great!

Very fun and amazing game Absolutely love this game!!! Graphics and game play great! But just wish you didnt have to have so many gems to buy the next restaurant or it would be easier to get that many gems. But love it and a great way to kill time! Not bad

Kitchen Scramble Good game. Ads are a little intrusive but at the same time you can gain a lot from them. Love the fact that you have unlimited play, and if you have unlimited high speed data you can earn all the money and diamonds you need. While watching tv I just keep clicking on the ads to earn coin and diamonds. Thanks for making a game we can enjoy Fantastic

Okay Its okay but i keep crashing .what's going on in the game. i feel like dying good game though. Muito bom!

Love it! Been looking for a good time management game for so long and this so far is perfect! Flawless

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