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Panda Cooking Tycoon Omg

Panda Cooking Tycoon Highly Recommend.

Panda Cooking Tycoon Works perfectly

Panda Cooking Tycoon Well done!!

Panda Cooking Tycoon Superb!

Lol pandas Sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute really really really cute this game is amazing and very cool I'd buy it even if it was $100 dollars Recommend

Panda Cooking Tycoon Enjoy it!

The game is fun, and addicting. But, the performance of the app continually degrades the further you get in it. It needs some major optimizations. Where I'm at in the game, it is getting to be almost unplayable it is so choppy. Brilliant

Panda Cooking Tycoon Great job

Addictive This game is amazing with lots of fun. It is funny and will always be. If you think that you should not get this addictive game, well you are thinking wrong. Omg

Awesome Love the game but having trouble moving to my SD card to make room on phone memory any suggestions? Great!

Panda Cooking Tycoon Not bad

Panda Cooking Tycoon Highly Recommend.

Favourite Food My favourite food is gammon it is so good and it comes from a pig and I love meat! Cool

Cute and addicting The game is cute and addicting. It's just a whole bunch of pandas feeding a giant panda and you get money. Amazing!

Panda Cooking Tycoon Marvelous

Yummy delicious Game! This game is soo much fun very addictive. I love all the food options in the game. You could add in some christmas treats in the game Fabulous!

Panda Cooking Tycoon Amazing!

Game runs choppy on a redmi note 3,still fun though. Wish there were more buildings and multipliers before the hats Fabulous!

Panda Cooking Tycoon Must have

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