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I just enter the Rainbow run,soo i just wondering in this game have ending or not? Not bad

Crashes most of the time and some commands like watch a video does not respond. Started to show odd actions for example it jumped to cookie jaaam while I still have some candies to finish the level, then after a second decides to return me back to complete the same level. All the above started after the new update unfortunately. Awesome

Updated this game this morning & found there's now a slight pause (maybe half or a second), between the move & the result. Not sure what to do about it. I'm in the 1000's & don't want to uninstall. Tried restarting the phone but of course that didn't work. Maybe it'll work itself out like another game o play seemed to do after a couple of weeks. Go well

I'll be in the middle of a run and it shuts down and freezes up on me and I have updated as often as I can... It's not fixing the problems Muito bom!

It was fun to play until I got to a part that would only let me make one move which I could not manage to finot explain, or show how!gure out how and it wou Fantastic

I'm on level 524 & cant get past it as everytime I watch a video & try to play the bonus it freezes or goes into negative. The only way to play that level is to exit out & start all over again losing that life & bonus. Really frustrating & contemplating uninstalling. Omg

Great game... challenging at times. BUT.. keeps freezing.. jamming... jerking and stopping mid-game for the past month from the time you open the game. Please fix these glitches soon !!!! Highly Recommend.

Lagging. Uninstalled and reinstalled it worked ok for one game then started lagging again. Muito bom!

I love this game, but this afternoon it's going in slow motion! It's very hard to play this way! Everything else is working fine I'm my phone. I even restarted it to see if that would help - no luck! 5 star

I really love this game it's very challenging and I love the level that they give us I'm going to continue to play this game wow lol

I'm at Level 2000, but seems to take a lot longer to get up the levels, whether this is intentional or not, it's a lot harder, probably money making exercise, but have enjoyed it previously! Brilliant

Was enjoying it until it started freezing up or won't load at all. Uninstalling. Thank you fir a good game til now. Surprisingly

I love this game but damn, why does the videos seem to always freeze up. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's a good game and all, so why don't you guys just fix the glitches. Thank you Must have

This game is fun (but too many ads and picture save in my gallery pls update and delete away all the ads and picture because when i play finish I need to delete away all the pictures and ads at my gallery i will delete away this game) Great job

I like this game what I don't like is being charged in app charge that does not actually work but they charge you for Amazing!

I installed the game about 3 times and gave up. Can't connect with Facebook and when playing it suddenly stop and say it's not responding. Flawless

Love this game, but it freezes up. I go to try and reinstall it after a few days but it won't let me reinstall the game. Just stays at the same level last completed. Still having the problem of when having to reinstall I lose all my lives and charms. Love the game but hate ,owing all my lives and charms Marvelous

Fun occupies time , but in store purchases are a must to advance , or be stuck for a while !!! But plenty of free lives & free items you win , if used wisely! Helpful.. Highly Recommend.

Have played this game for 5+ years. Had a small issue connecting to playstore, uninstalled/reinstalled game. Lost numerous lives. Support gave back my lives. I have always loved their games and play another of them. Kudos to Support !! 5 star

Sometimes I think the game is rigged...I use special tools and the computer still out wits me.... I feel I waste my money Works great

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