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Good job with the app but I have 3 suggestions: 1. Can you put notifications to show in that control center above buttons? Swipe to dismiss? 2. Is there a way to activate auto brightness? 3. Small pay to remove adds? Perfect

Every time I push play in my music it goes down. And it makes my phone a little laggy. Works great

This app is actually really good one. But I recommended that you should insert ads after few steps, not each like currently. The 2nd, there are two bugs that I found: Do not disturb and Data button doesn't work, and sometimes I have 2 edge after I moved it then turn on "Show on everything" option. Update 12/25/2017: when using along with cover, screen will never be turned off. Surprisingly

Great app, really well made, makes me feel at home with having an iPad. It does glitch out a bit but so does the original apple one anyway so I can't complain. Please add features like casting and a recording option. Overall, very good! Perfect

Wow!! I'm really amazed by this app! It works 100%, no lags. On top of that, this app definetley deserves a 5 star rating, since the creator doesn't LIE about the app's features...unlike other people. Awesome

Works smoother than most other swipe tool apps. Very responsive but easy to set it so that you don't accidentally activate it. Would like to see an option to place a few favorite apps in the control center. Cool

It's perfect. Doesn't act up, it's very useful and as a plus it allows you to customize. Must have

This app is soo amazing ...can u please get an update so we can have screen record as well ...THANK you love it

it's okay but when I use it in landscape mode it sits in the middle of my screen annoyingly 5 star

Really great but one minor glitch, it freezes my screen sometimes have to wait for a few minutes, can you fix that? I'm using the oneplus 5 Great job

i think it looks good. but for my phone, it doesn't work. I don't know why but everytime I exit the app, the control will not work anymore. Please reply onto my review so I'll know what to do. Thanks! Muito bom!

Nice app but please add an option to increase or decrease transparency when background is put to transparent and also allow us to set custom background.. other then this thing i absolutely love the aop Brilliant

دوستان فارسی زبان،کسانی ک دوست دارن مث ios باشه کنترل منو از پایین صفحه، یک دقیقه درنگ نکنن. من نظر فارسی ندیدم.امتحان کردم عالیه گفتم نظر بدم دان کنید. ایول داره Well done!!

Doesnt work for oppo phones I cant use the control center because in oppo, the screen handle disappears once I exit the app. Can this be fixed? Worth a go!

Sick just one problem So basically this app is amazing and is very easy to use and doesnt lag everything that I have applied works and you should get the other app made by them which is the assist button. The only problem is ads yeah it's ok if you have ads because is makes you money but not so many... Works great

I love it if u guys think this sucks well that u cus u don't know hw it works anyway this is awesome thank you guys so much keep up with ur best work Brilliant

Well i used mostly each and every customisation app available in app store, but seriously the best app i used is this, developer you are great Just wow

My volume button is not working n i face problems whenever i want to high/low the volume but this app solved my problem and this is vry Easy to use. Fantastic

Great app but there has to be some changes some minor controls Like - looking the position of the bar at the bottom -Making the bar completely invisible so the glitch with screen overlay never comes Thats it Please consider making these changes Great app by the way. You almost nailed iOS. This is the reason we love android. Most awesome thing- you can use volume controls and everything on lock screen in Samsung phones Worth a go!

Only two bugs that I've noticed. One is that the Do Not Disturb button does not function. The other is in the Blurred background feature sometimes it doesn't work correctly. Other than that the app is good. I would like if you could find out what's wrong with the Do Not Disturb button though. Keep up the good work. I have the Galaxy S8 active for reference. (Note I have discovered that the do not disturb does work but it doesn't activate the actual do not disturb mode it silences notifications instead) Pretty good

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