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Good but should open by pressing phones bottom buttons. Anyway, unistalling since it's to much stuff to control phone settings. Enjoy it!

I'm new to android and can't believe how bad the present notification panel is compared to IOS. Although I wanted to get away from Apple, I must say there are somethings they do a lot better than Android and the need for this app is evidence of that. Great work developer but I would prefer to buy the app in order to avoid ads. Fabulous!

I think it's a pretty nice app but I would appreciate if you would add the screen recording option and when you don't fully have to go in an app to text some one Cool

If you are in the app and click in and then out of something, it does show adds. But, when you aren't in the app and using outside the app, it is very good. Especially the camera. Well done!!

It was a very good recreation the ADS are annoying, but they aren't that bad. I loved how it worked. Perfect

I'm really in love with it if u don't have it you don't know why your missing out Amazing!

This is a good app but I don't know how to operate the flashlight can u plz help me?? wow lol

The 2 problems that I have found are that the nightlight button doesnt work on my pixel, and that the homebar isn't blurred when the app is functioning. Edit. There were fixes to my problems Not bad

Its a great app although i have 2 problems. The night mode doesn't work and how do i get my music player to look like the one shown? Worth it!

Great app but what does the green recycle symbol do? -Sorry if im stupid but sync to what Enjoy it!

The background becomes black when I change the option to background blur and the the other option the night mode doesn't work Works great

super work man thums up.keep it up.please make just like material notification shade for iphone like notification pannel thank you Go well

as what my phone would say.. i like the way you "take c0ntroL"! ••• im not an app savvy of some sort..tons of apps come & go uninstalled in just minutes, a few hours or maybe days..just very few of those i tried before aren't fails. perhaps for me, this app's gonna stay for a while kudos! Flawless

beautiful app but too many ads. irritating! edit: add customizable toggles and is it possible to add more than 8 apps with additional swipable app page? love it

I have a suggestion... add notification panel too in this app so we don't want to install two apps... it will be done by one app instead of two... thank you for great app Works perfectly

Everything is very nice but please remove that irritating massage which is alway showing in notification bar it comes with name of control center please remove that thing in further update Superb!

The app is just too good.... Pretty good

The tool is really amazing better than any other I've used. But I have one request, can you add a screen recording feature on it. That would be great. Thx Brilliant

Outstanding. I require more options of Notifications panel like Power Saving Mode, Location, mobile data, Sound, Always on display. Omg

Just perfect! Having come from using the iPhone this app complements perfectly my Note 8. Works great

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