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Normaly apps like this dont work but this one does. Its just like having an apple device only in the shape of android! I love it. Highly Recommend.

It is an overall great app. When setting up and customizing to fit your style, the number of ads can be very annoying. Every single time you enter the app there is an add. There is also a numerous amount of ads within the app. After you have set up the app, then you don't really have to enter the app anymore so the ads aren't a problem. Other than that, the app is great if you want to have a bit of Apple on your Android. Awesome

I got it so I could record my screen just like an iPhone. But I guess this app and the others just like it can't spend more time adding more detail in it. It's still really good. Perfect

This is the best app you can ever get. This app makes me feel like I have a iPhone I tell all my friends y'all look at my new iPhone Perfect!

Great app you should make a swipe function app like CM Swipe or Omni Swipe, the Assist Touch app is good and a swipe app is a good idea. I love this and to the developer thank you i love the rounded corners app also and this is seriously great talent, as for people complaints about ad's it's better off than charging you money out of your pocket while at the same time supporting the app and it happens only while in the app stop complaining and thank those who brought this app together by the way it runs perfect on my ZTE ZMax Pro Flawless

I like it because you can slide it up like on a iPhone plus you can get headphones max out that volume and lesson to some music 5 star

Tells me rate it but have but very good and works a very odd add tho annoying when doing suhin Great job

I love this app but it's not enble aero plane mode and handling the volume and add mobile data button please Great!

Really cool but it has wwaaayyyy too many ads. Every time a setting is changed, an ad is shown Fabulous!

It was all good until I realized that there were a lot of ads but from there it was great Superb!

I really like this app...its only missing the screen recorder. It would be amazing if you could put that in there as an update. Go well

This is the best app ever! I recommend this app highly! This app has made the control hub like the actual thing I mean I have been looking for something like this and I finally found it! This app is the best way to get ur phone to have some features of an iPhone, period! Omg

This is really a great app because the other iOS 11 control center I have used does not support the sound and brightness option. Hence it is a nice application Good

Super toggles ,it is customisable.i found it from geeky ranjit from youtube .thank u for suggesting this app . If u want u can subscribe to his channel ..he is doing smart phone vloging .. Perfect!

Nice app works kinda slow on my sol 2 but that don't matter cause I'm getting a note 8 soon Just wow

I just love it .❤ Amazing!

Works perfect and isnt at all glitchy as other apps like this tend to be Deffinitly a must get for the people making the switch to andriod✅ Well done!!

I really like this app. Most apps like this make your phone glitchy or cause a virus whole this one doesn't. It works great on my S7. It would be amazing if you could add the screen recording feature as well. Highly Recommend.

Very nice app but still there's a problem with the screen blur behind. Please fix Great!

It's really helpful for many reasons. If I want to just pull up something, I can just access it quickly. Perfect!

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