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Only had it for a short time, but works flawlessly so far! Also very useful, especially when customized. Overall, I'd say download it, it's free. Even if it wasn't, I'd still say get it. Good

1. Love the layout and fluidity. 2. Needs more customisation options. 3. Keyboard activated on lock screen is an issue 4. Ads are an issue, but hey, it's free! Go well

Ads appear after you change a setting which is better than having them appear after you use this extension. Easy to use and so helpful for Android. Sound bar is perfect and never got locked out of my phone after using this app as a review claimed. Ads never spontaneous therefore their expected and I don't mind them.(2) Works perfectly

It was the most spectacular control center iOS 11 I have ever used please make more great act like this I would love it and I will always write them five star because they're so great 5 star

So far so good. Haven't had long but do like the transparent background option otherwise it'd be very annoying while trying to adjust sound and watch a video. Only dislike so far is that my actual hard keys on side for volume now no longer work when I'd assumed I'd be able to use either option. I'm sure it's faster the old way for me bc that's what I'm used to, so only time will tell at this point. Good idea though overall, good job. Worth a go!

I reall love this app i think it is awesome.i have aoppo phone which has very similar settings and other stuffs as an iphone so when i downloaded the control center and assisstive touch app amd also kept a iphpne wallpaper it really gave me a iphone feeling it felt like i was having an iphone so really thank u for these both app and please keep updating these apps with new features and keep making different kinds of other apps like these Must have


I was torn between rating this app between 4 and 5 stars.... the app itself is wonderful. As I am someone who recently switched over to from an iOS back to android, this allows you to enjoy the benefits you get with android, in this case, samsung, while also having all the tools you'll need all in that one place. I read other reviews and a few people were concerned about opening it. For me I swipe left like I normally would to pull up my edge screen on my Note8. I couldn't find a way to change the gesture for opening the app itself. The big part about Apple's Control Center, is the ease of just being able to swipe up from the bottom at any time. I love the app and the customization feature is very handy as well. There are far too many ads even for a free verison, however, you can easily just skip them by pressing the back button once. The only thing that I recommend is allowing users to change the gesture that opens up control center from swiping left, to allowing people to be able to swipe up from the bottom. FOR ME THIS DOESN'T APPLY BECAUSE THAT GESTURE IS ALREADY SET FOR MY SAMSUNG PAY. I put that in caps to reiterate it. You are doing very good work! I didn't mind taking the time to let you know what I thought, what was good about it, and in some ways you can improve. I've seen a lot change with new rollouts. Again Good job and keep up the good work!! 5 star

The adds are a little annoying but overall the app and it's useability are great, you should consider a paid version. Worth a go!

It works well at least on my phone y'all complain too much u should download this app if u want an iPhone feature Marvelous

Superb App dude. One Suggestion: The Music player utility lags a bit when I play or pause music...plz improve! Thanks. Just wow

App is nice but the ads are atrocious,they pop up all the time. That being said I'll probably keep the app. It would be worth a buck or two to remove them Flawless

The only problem m experiencing is with mx player pro... The brightness gesture of mx doesnt work when it's activated and brightness automatically increases and decreases sometimes which is very annoying. Solve it plzz Must have

I thought it was the best but... The buttons of WIFI & DATA IS NOT WORKING. It is just turning off when I exit from the control center. Yes it is smooth and works fast but. I want you to FIX IT. I will give it five stars if you do so Well done!!

Simply genius! I was a little disappointed about my boring Galaxy S7 interface until I found this app. Good stuff. Perfect!

Absolutely Amazing! 150 thousand % The absolute best best best control center app that there is, And I don't write reviews often or like ever in less I am completely impressed and in love with the app So I just wanna give props to the inventor of this app because it is wonderful! You should be proud of yourself! So helpful easy great fabulous quick and gorgeous lol! Love love love! I love control center so much but I hate iphones so it's perfect for the me in that way but this one in particular is absolutely wonderful in every way! Useful doesn't even begin to cover it it is so so SO helpful so quick so easy to use and has awesome themes colors you can personalize Whatever you need or want to and I am all about making my stuff cute! Lol so the fact that this works so wonderfully and it has such a clean interface and you can personalize it change colors put your own photos and I mean all of that on a control center App is pretty awesome. I f****** love love love this thing so much. And if you like this you should also check Out easy touch pink, And the icon is a little pink heart but boys guys men don't let it fool you because you can absolutely change it to awesome themes and it's super easy to take screenshots you can put all of your favorite apps and you know different settings on it it's really really cool kind of like this but a little bit different and you can have a little floating icon or not but if you like this then you will love easy touch of pink and again it's not for girls and it doesn't stay A little pink heart, that's just the icon once you open it you can change it to awesome bad a** looking seems and it's so easy and awesome as well so if you like this still love that so check it out for sure! Thank you so much for making control center and all the beautiful themes and the beautiful interface I absolutely love it and cannot be more happy with this app, so great great job & again you should be proud! :) Amazing!

I want to know if when it asks you to have access to your pictures if that is bad? Worth it!

The app is amazing but have many adds, i need pay for this. In my Huawei p10 Phone manager can block network acces, and adds not allowed. Muito bom!

Makes everything a lot easier. Lots of organization Edit: My phone actually froze for a whole day. It wouldn't even let me turn it off. Note that I have a good battery so it took a long time to die so I could restart my phone. Not bad

This has helped me with my phone because when I pull the tab down ontop, it shuts down the phone or restarts it. This app is fin-flapping fantastic! Muito bom!

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