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Great apps. Sadly it contain too much ads. And could you please include screen capture thing on this apps? Coz when I tap 'camera' its just my typical camera appear after. Thanks✌ Go well

I just swithed from iOS to android. This app saved me. Thanks a lot to the developers. Suggestions : Please add control for data on/off. Also if you can make the buttons a little bit smaller it will be very beautiful to look. Cool

I love this app!! I have a samsung because my iphone got to old but this reminds of it and makes my phone easier to use!! One thing I recommend is to get rid of the ads, a few are ok but everytime you open the app one pops up and it gets annoying. Anyways, this is a great app and easy to use so keep up the good work! Well done!!

Thank you for this app!!! This helps lessen the struggle of adjusting after switching from an iphone to android!! Love how the new update makes the handle transparent!! This couldnt get any better! Just wow

It works great but it will take you I while to setup because of the ads in the app. It does everything that an iOS control center can do but a little better do to lots of customization features such as linking the camera to any camera app and this applies with calculator and music to. It also has all the different volume control options if you hold down the volume option. You can also place 4 apps in it as well. You can have up to 8 if you remove the 4 default ones(camera, calculator, flashlight, clock.) But it's great. The only issue is that as I typed this I kept pressing it accidently since it's under the space bar but you can customization it to be from the right and left as well as if you want it to be able to be used if your on the lock screen. There are tons of more options that I can't all explain so download the app and try them all out for yourself. Love it. Good

!!!!DEVELOPER PLEASE READ!!!! PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the app and have seen that there are many copies out there.... But this one is great!! I would love to see a faster respond when sliding up the control center, also a smoother bounce animation on my s8, I do use it and love the idea of having this, also I have disabled my navigation bar and status bar... So I can't see how much battery I have... Would you please display battery percentage on control center on the top right or something? That would be great.... One last thing... Would you please let us choose the position to activate control center from the top right corner of the screen like in iPhone x and would you ever create an app that has the notification bar like ios 11...there are many apps that do that but are sometimes buggy and contain lots of ads Superb!

I love everything about it. Makes things so much easier and as a bonus it always confuses people whether it's iOS that's installed. I recommend you for the effort into putting out a well designed and functional app. You should build an iOS 11 launcher to match with it. Surprisingly

When you try to swipe to open it, it glitches so you have to do it again. Great app though. Works great

U have to turn screen overlay off for this app when u need to give other apps permission for anything like microphone or speaker or contacts this is annoying , but otherwise great app tricked friends with my oppo and this app Not bad

Could do better I just want a slight change dat it should nt remain down there permanently it should b visible only when v swipe up Surprisingly

My iPhone is broken so I have to use my back up Samsung which I mean is fine but I prefer ios so for me to find this app was great. Thank you so much for creating this app Perfect!

I really there r too many adds but overall it's pretty good! I like it bc I like the iPhone set up but I don't really like iPhones in general love it

Great app it is customizable and very easy to use and I don't think it uses extra battery life Great job

This app makes your phone work a lot easier I even forgot how to use the old settings, I have a S7. The adds only pop up when ur changing the apps settings. Overall it's a great app. Now I can show off toy friends and be like I hacked the phone and changed it into an IPhone Superb!

i love this app so so so so much. it helps me out really well ! one thing is just that it many times dissapear when i delete my history and that kinda bothers me. it didnt turn off before the last update. it would be nice if you could fix it. thank you ! <3 Great!

Though I like this App very much, I would really appreciate if you add more customising abilities in it. For example, I don't need the music player box and would opt for Hotspot and data switch instead of synchronisation. It's an Android application, let's not restrict customisation abilities like iOS do... Fabulous!

I love this app sooo much!!! But it would be even more amazing if there were a screen record button like the new iPhone. I know I am not the only person suggesting this so please improve the performance by adding this! Thanks you and please do take the idea in to consideration. Well done!!

This app actually works! It works just fine on my grand prime.. every other app like this is full of ads and doesn't work. Good job. Marvelous

It's a really good app. Makes it a lot easier to find app. Although the ads can be a little annoying otherwise is a really awesome app Go well

Please Fix Problem My Mi A1 Brightness Problem I am Increases or decrease In some video player Like mx player and other video player apps Otherwise App Awseome Broo Please Fix this problem in next update Brilliant

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