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It's one of the best control centre I have used till now. It's smooth and no lags so far. Thanks to developers who created this app. But it will be top one of your add more options like settings toggle and add more options. This app is the best. Enjoy it!

Amazing App, just wish there was a way to keep app running without constant notification other than that it works brilliantly on S8+ Pretty good

Good performance and best ui. I'm using a long times but it no lag. Screen blur behind is same with ios. I strong recomend use this app for Control Center. Perfect

Great app! Does everything I wished... without ads! I just wished you could re center the bar. I also wish you could change its height. Itherwise... amazing app! Flawless

Pretty good...but not good enough the shortcut is a bit slow and some buttons doesn't do anything especially the crescent Moon shape icon...but it's fast when opening it, I rarely encounter any lag or shutter when open but do please improve the app for us user. Thanks love it

Here's some suggestions : 1.Add edit functionality... 2.Add some more features like data connection, not only Wi-Fi... 3.And make the swipe indicator invisible or more transparent... And overall app is awesome!!! Must have

it's really nice but I wish u could get rid of the slider thing that always shows Worth it!

Good job. But needs to do a bit more to simulate iOS 11. Allow more customization for toggles. In next version please support data shortcut in the toggle. Superb!

When i open the app then it was working very good..& i was liking is too but when i colse the app from my recent app the quick bar had gone..... Go well

Great app Love it. Works really nice on my Vivo Phone ! Keep up the good work guys ! Good Job! wow lol

Its very nice, it will be better if you make notification bar like in iOS 11 also. Works great

I came across this app by accident ,so I decided to try it out just for the fun of it but damn I didn't expect it to be this good! I don't really review apps but damn I just had to come back to the play store to thank the devs behind this wonderful app it's absolutely brilliant and is so close to the original. Also if it's possible you guys should look into making an iOS launcher ,I would pay for that if that were to happen! Sorry for the long review lol Not bad

This app only lacks two things first lack of toggle and more apps adding option and second instead of sliding from bottom this app let us touch bottom screen which is not handy.other than that this is my favorite app because ui and smoothness is 10 times better than other apps Pretty good

Really great app , just like original, you need to create an iPhone launcher, you could make a spot on version of one! Fantastic

Good application developer should make a launcher having all this features in one package A DOUBLE THUMBS UP! Flawless

Wow just another awesome app.... .I garentee you downloading it will be awesome ..Thank you developer! Perfect!

There is a bug th Mobile data doesn't turn on even after clicking on the data icon Good

Good work..kindly add option to add more settings to the control panel I,e Mobile data, location on & off toggles... Great!

the app is super nice!! Marvelous

No Adds. Perfect app so far, I have found on play store giving control center of IOS11. Animations awesome. One more suggestion to developer can you launch one more such app as "iNoty". Well done!!

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