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Great and works perfectly except when i close all task it close along with the rest of my other apps. I hope you can make it like a widget Enjoy it!

One of the best app ever seen..its perfectly working with s7 edge and there no lag or crashing of it... Fabulous!

A nice app if you what to feel the ios 11 in your android but I'd like more 3D touch lv Pretty good

Perfect app but need to add screen lock & off and increase number of favorite app and fixed wi-icon Superb!

Update a feature to change the background colour of the navigation bar in supported devices!!Looks odd having a different coloured nav bar!! Cool

Cool app. Since my j7 prime is 5.5' it's disturbing to change my holding position just to turn the brightness on. This app is a simple but great solution for that. Although would love some regular update.. Worth it!

I like it but you shouldn't really show the notification on top of your phone screen if you were listening to music because you can stop it with the app Fantastic

Bit slow to work. Music player doesn't work. Home button doesn't return to home. Superb!

The app really does what it is supposed to do but why would I need an IOS 11 like control panel when I have the quick settings in Android Good

Its amazing. Thanks bro. But you want to modify settings and something. Example we can add some applications and shortcuts also. 5 star

Naisu very good but when it is on bottom it is harder 2 press space even if i have "press to open" disabled. Highly Recommend.

It disrupt the blacklight time of lockscreen please fix that problem otherwise it is much better than the other control panel apps Great!

I have a problem. When I press the calculator icon, it says "chose calculator app". Which is ok, but then I can't find the calculator. So you need to fix that. 5 star

Can you add 3d touch too and if close on recent apps that it stil is running i will rate 5 stars Marvelous

I like it. But I want this app without ads. Because if ads shows at my screen, I can't control my smartphone. Highly Recommend.

Best conrol center available on play store. Almost same to the real iOS 11. Loved it! ❤ Worth a go!

This is one of the best iOS 11 Control Center replicas I've seen. I love the amount of customization, and could not ask for better. The only complaint I have is that it doesn't follow your finger when you drag it up, but all the great features let me look right past that. Very well done!! Fabulous!

Can add upto 4 app shortcuts only :/ It would be nice if developer adds option to add more app short cuts to this application. Brilliant

I want to say thank You for the great job. The application is perfect, working so good and looks exactly how is the control panel in the new ios 11.I know that because already use the beta version of 11 software in ios in another my device. Thank You that there is no ads and if You ask me- please don't change nothing - everything working perfect! Just wow

Hey, I'm freaking surprised with this app. Its amazing, but the switch is horrible, please add an option to make it transparent or invisible. Despite from that, the player's lagging sometimes, but almost never. I'll keep on trying, but if the switch is on, can't say I'll be staying. Recommend

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