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I can't use the flash it just keep flashing, it never stays always on. Is that how it is on ur app or is it only on my phone, cos I really like ur app but if I can't use ur app and I have to open the notification panel just to toggle flash then I don't see why I have to use it, I better continue toggling everything there Pretty good

In theory it's a very cool plugin I would have rated it five stars if it hadn't been for the fact that the center is fading away after 5-10 seconds after having opened it. :) Highly Recommend.

Damn whoever made this App dah Works great

It's exactelly like the true control center on ios 11 need's only 3D touch gestures we realy need it in the next app update Flawless

Awesome app. It's my recomment app for anyone want to try some fresh start ios on your android phone. Amazing!

Please include mobile data notification toggle and a GPS toggle for 3 modes, battery saving, high accuracy and gps only Must have

Amazing app. It's very stable it has a lot cool and useful features. The only problem I've had is the fact that I can't use to flashlight toggle and every time I try to use it i have to open settings to allow it and it doesn't work. Only problem for me and gave it five stars because that's what it deserves. 5 star

Okay... thanks for clearing up the function of the moon icon and fixed some problems, but still I'm facing some common issue such as the music player being a bit wacky and slow...also the app can sometime close it self even though the phone is being used,this problem causes the triggered space to disappear and doesn't respond to any action... Thank you for reading Fabulous!

THIS IS ABSOLUTELY........... AWESOME!! I love this app because i can never get to my camera or torch quick enough. Now with one swipe right i have controls at my fingertips i love how it has no advertisements or anything that mess up my phone. Ive been using this for a few months now and no major issues at the moment. Although it would be awesome if you could fix the issue with when interacting with these controls it goes to the settings. My mum is an iphone user and sometimes its nice to feel every thing touched to your toes. If you want a fast, efficient, neat and clean control service, DOWNLOAD THIS NOW! Enjoy it!

App is Great! It's a 9 or 10/10 app but lacks a little bit feature which is to change the stuff in the control center like changing "Airplane Mode" to "Mobile Data" or something similar. Hope this feedback finds you well. Thanks a lot! Surprisingly

The music player doesn't match on Spotify, please let night mode usable or make it run other filter apps. Overall this app is great Not bad

Pretty cool. Would be nice if the swipe up button was white transparent. Also would be nice to have more 3D-touch like features. And too hide the statusbar casting looking icon. Could you also make the sound & brightness sliders white or more transparent looking (looks a little ugly with the cream / beige color). Awesome start, great work! ✌️ love it

Ohmy god super super cool app!! The best of the best! I'm really enjoying my phone, so easy to navigate. Thank u so much! Flawless

Anh ơi em nghĩ nên sửa lại cái nút tăng giảm âm lượng chút ạ. Vì nếu như vuốt xuống dưới cùng thì máy sẽ về chế độ rung. Có thể tách biệt 2 phần đó ra ko ạ. Và nếu đc thì thêm nút bật tắt dữ liệu cho thuận tiện ạ :D. Ứng dụng tốt Great job

Awesome, could you also have it control usb connection ie , MTP, charging, and PTP. Just a suggestion. But hard to improve on something that is already excellent! Pretty good

Very useful app , this is what I have been looking for soo long on play store and yes it's ad free also so thankyou bro for the app Recommend

Please add blue light filter Night mode and replace screen time out by auto brightness and replace do not distrub by Mute mode Go well

Great app! But please, please add the option to open the control center from the top of the screen to override the android default one love it

1st, make it less space to swipe.2nd,make transparent more better.3rd, ủng hộ Vietnam,app hay đó Good

Bit slow to work. Music player doesn't pause even though I have chosen the player. Home button doesn't exit the interface. love it

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