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Hey, I'm freaking surprised with this app. Its amazing, but the switch is horrible, please add an option to make it transparent or invisible. Awesome update. One problem: for the screen blur to work, it turns on my cast, which will consume my battery. Pretty good

Frankly to begin with, a very superb, useful and brilliant app. This app's control centre almost closely resembles that of the control centre in the IOS 11. I appreciate this app's developer team so much for painstakingly developing such a great app. But however within a few weeks, I have to uninstall this app due to that major android error named "Screen overlay detected" issue which locked almost all the apps and prevented me from accessing these apps especially the very important apps. This error also prevented me from turning permissions on or off for all the apps too. At first I didn't knew at all who was the culprit behind causing this sort of error and then finally after a few days, I found out that it was none other than this app and I have to immediately uninstall it. This major error has been there since it first appeared in the Android Marshmallow version and in the later versions affecting a lot of android users of these versions. But till as of now, Google hasn't taken any sort of initiative to rectify this error and eventhough, many websites have given the solutions to remove this error, all those remedies are just dumb solutions although these websites claim these solutions to be genuine. Because after all if you wanted to get rid of this error from your phone/tab, the one and the only genuine solution to this is that you have to identify and unfortunately uninstall those apps which causes this major error, for example in my case, it was this app which i liked so much and found it useful right from the very beginning itself. Recommend

App works great but the 3d touch menus doesn't show they open a menu to select what app do I want to open instead. Also would be great for the bar at the bottom to be completely invisible and if it didn't activate on touch only when you swipe, and to theme the custom apps icons to Black and white matching the rest of the icons. wow lol

Amazing app, but try to make the trigger button a lot smaller for minimalistic purposes. And the control center background could use a little bit of blur like on iOS. And swipe to access another page of the control center to the right for a bigger music control widget with a bigger album art.. Great work.. I rated you 5 star. Flawless

Superbbb working but I'm unable to read my phone notifications please fix this problem or add this option Perfect

There is a issue with camera icon in this app, if I capture a photo with using control camera icon then I am not able to save that photo and clicked photo is very bad not like phone camera firstly I was happy but now I am going to uninstall this app. Thanks a lot Team,above issue has been fixed now, giving 5* for your quick response. Not bad

It's pretty good but really should have a swipe away feature. Also to let user adjust the heights of the panel. Big buttons are great but on tablet or phablet they are just unnecessary big. Pretty good

Luls y it disappear sometimes?? Fix it , oh yaa the whenever i touch the torch it tell use camera the hell??? Fix it later I'll download it again. Redmi 4x tq Worth a go!

Great app but i think there must be option to choose toggles such as mobile data .. Just wow

Firstly i'm saying that this app is very close similar to ios11 new control panel I'm using control panel is last one week.. Truly saying i didn't face any single issue.. design is so much lovable..Very sharp & police .simple and unique..every single options is very stable. Thank you for your hardwork.Keep updating keep stables this app... Awesome

It's a fantastic app, you must try it!! You can just feel the developers love for creating apps! The fact that we have it downloadable on any Android phone before iOS 11 even comes out is mind boggling! One suggestion would be to allow us to choose our own function for mute for e.g. instead of toggling mute, I want to toggle Do Not Disturb mode instead. Also, instead of Screen timeout which I'd never use, allow us to choose our own functions and settings. Other than that, a flawless app! 5 star

Thanks for 3D touch gestures for the music panel controller when we long clic we need an animation an it must be more nice like ios 11 and you tell thers 3D touch gestures with camera calculator and clock they don't work when we 3D touch we go to chose default app for the shoortcut And when we down the control center it just disepire without sliding down animation Please fix all those probleme because this is a great app love it

The sleep mode toggle switch does not work And then if you could add a data connection toggle switch..That's would be good Also..The 3d calc and fav apps just take you to the option of changing fav apps Overall..It's a really cool apps Perfect!

Why does it need to record screen at all times Edit -- Thanks for the response. Screen recording at all times seemed sketchy. I'll change the settings. Perfect

I didn't feel any problem... Looks and feel premium Useful app with no bugs yet... Congrats all behind this Fantastic

No ads. Functionality is perfect, responsive and useful. UI looks superb. Experience is great. Big up to the Dev. Installed on my phone and tablet. One suggestion, allow the user to adjust position on top, bottom or sides, making us easier for those with larger screens to enable it. Good

when I press change position and turn on the setting to show everywhere, it created 2 tabs one dark green where it originally was and a new light green where I want to move it Works great

Almost there. If I can add more toggles like in actual iOS, it would be five stars. Good work bros! 5 star

It's awesome. Will give 5 stars if you can fix one issue. On my S7 I'm getting a persistent icon in my notification shade next to my ring indicator that shows that something is being cast. And it only appears when this app is in use. Worth a go!

Absolutely fab, icon pack support will be brilliant. Thanks alot for making this. love it

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