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Now I know how to use it. Thank you so much it is a very great app. The best replica I have see. Well done!!

Really awesome creativity. Night mode button get fixed. Awesome smoothness. Expecting more features on upcoming updates. Lovely❤️ Amazing!

Totally in love. Two things that need to be fixed. It's keep disappearing and lack of touch responses. Xperia Z3 (V. 6.0.1 Marshmallow) Great!

Everything from fluidity, to response time is top notch. But night shift toggle isn't doing anything. Hope it's fixed in near future updates. Go well

Would give it a 5 star if I could add whatever quick setting I want, for example I don't really need torch, screen timeout or Bluetooth options and I really like to change them with those I use regularly like mobile data toggle. Also I want the slider to be invisible Awesome

I loved the app. It has an extremely simple and user friendly interface. However, i just wanted to request you, if you could add an option for toggle mobile data just like wifi it would be very helpful Thanks in advance. Cheers! Marvelous

Love it! Works perfectly, came to me as one of the biggest surprise one the Google play! Keep up the good work and keep updating. Just wow

Best apps of all time please add a function to hide that bottom cloud thing and the music player so that whenbu 3d touch it u can see your songs Not bad

Needs more smoothness and fluency as it is only stable control panel on playstore and it doesn't cause distraction while typing. In the next update please make it smoother and faster :-) expecting a reply wow lol

Great. this is the best of all.i hope he doesn't, will be happy if developer don't sell my data.(skeptic cause these days all do) Recommend

Love how smooth the app runs, it actually feels just like the offical control center but better because of the favorite apps that allow me to access them faster then the edge apps. Enjoy it!

I loved it so much.. makes u feel u r using ios 11. Happy to see this. May u have 1 billion downloads for this as this is superb launcher.!! Cool

Really liked it, please make the control center resize itself when the navigation bar gets toggled, for instance: toggling the navigation bar on the Galaxy S8. Cheers! love it

Loved it now can say to my friends even we Android users can get the same things, really happy about it Pretty good

I don't like the setup of the position, please make it more costumable like a bit more higher or lower features. Perfect

Easy access to the panel, but not many options to customize it. Otherwise its more than fine app Great job

Amazing app, I just wish I wouldnt have that button on the bottom showing and messing up when I text Superb!

I totally love the app, but I feel there are two things that could be improved. 1. The 3d touch for the music control barely works for me, it doesn't give me the more in depth look. 2. The accessible bar thing used to open the control center often disappears even though I have it set to show in every app. Other than that, it's perfect Great job

This is one of the best iOS 11 Control Center replicas I've seen. I love the amount of customization, and could not ask for better. The only complaint I have is that it doesn't follow your finger when you drag it up, but all the great features let me look right past that. Very well done!! EDIT- And quite an update it was!! Improved functionality, and increases performance!! Once again, very well done!!!! Awesome

Pretty great, only thing is the night mode button doesn't do anything on my phone. Either way, I like the look and layout. Can't wait to see what more updates bring. Go well

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