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I like the options. Great app, just a little hard to even set up with ads popping up every second. Therefore, I would not recommend. Fantastic

It's one of the best mock ups of iOS I have tried but the one bad thing about it is that it constantly keeps crashing. You never know if it is going to work or not. Example: I press on it and when it opens, 2 seconds later it closes. This app would be amazing once the the bug is fixed. Perfect

Always crashing! Some buttons are not functioning, please fix this so that I will rate this app 5 stars and maintain creating apps that has no ads. Superb!

Its the best. But whenever i allow CONTROL CENTER to access files and media on my device, it says screen overlay detected. Only this app causes thie overlay problem. Plz fix. Then i can give a 5 Amazing!

Wow just wow installed this out of curiosity so glad I did really great app.Wanted to put more now I've had the app a couple of days it works perfect!! I thought as its free it wouldn't continue to work so well but honestly install this app highly recommended!! Surprisingly

Great apps but some bugs make it frustrating : apps loading is very slow and music extended panel should be UI improved! Great reactivity from developer, really appreciated! Great!

It's really good. But it would be better if we could choose our toggles, like I want to put the mobile data toggle. And what is the toggle with the refresh sign? Worth it!

Beautiful, but if there was a way to choose if you want it fullscreen or only part of the screen so that you could see the other part of the screen in the background. A toggle for this would be nice. Thanks wow lol

One of the best ones, except the green button on the top left does nothing? Why didn't you put cellular data there? Works perfectly

Honestly i love this app... But after 1hr of use music not work.. It can't play or pause ... Works great

It's amazing I show my friend's and there like what you got a new update it was funny Great!

It freezes my phone once i open it in landscape mode Highly Recommend.

I just want these little improvement 1. Let me add more apps 2. Let it move with my finger 3. Make animation more smooth 4. Change colour of brightness and volume slider to pure white 5. Give us more controls and let us edit them. You are genius Thank you Marvelous

haha nice i love it... im afraid it will drain battery life so im just gonna use to trick my friends or something on my s8 Worth a go!

Really liked it, please make the control center resize itself when the navigation bar gets toggled, for instance: toggling the navigation bar on the Galaxy S8. Cheers! -Edit: You're right, here's a 5 star rating! Amazing!

It'll be more amazing if it has pop up notification for my sms and any social media app that i have, except fb messenger because it already has chat heads.. Fabulous!

Very well encoded app. Brings together many features into one well presented pane. Makes using your phone easier as you do not have to search settings. This should be implemented into devices from the factory as an optional skin. Brilliant Fabulous!

Could use more customizations like adjusting the height and length of the shortcut and removing the arrow down button at the top. Other than that, great app! Omg

It is a very good app. I would like to suggest to make it more whitish because it's more on yellowish for volume and for brightness. Thank you Worth it!

Great work.. The only problem I'm facing is it automatically closes.pls provide solution Fantastic

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