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Still no mobile data shortcut option, it's annoying to be able to turn on wifi with this app but have to swipe down for mb data Not bad

It's all good and everything but can you make it hidden when we are typing? I cant seem to press the spacebar Highly Recommend.

I think its great but when I press "stop"it doesn't get removed from the screen. Omg

There's a ton of apps which tells the same thing but this works like a dream! It's just perfect! I have a request, can you please make an app like iOS notification center? I'll also gonna feature your app in my next YouTube video :) Worth it!

It is a good app but I want some features like automatic pause if keyboard is opened. I don't know if this app have limited time or its a bug because sometimes the line disappear Superb!

The light slider cancel the automatic ambiant light... ! Btw Great reactivity from developer, really appreciated! Just wow

I'm really really linking it, it's great, pretty and works amazingly. Just that when you swipe up, you have to swipe twice in order to the panel to appear. But it's pretty cool! Must have

Its okaybut do not disturb mode isnt functioning. And you said you added 3d touch for clock, calculator, camera but there isnt Works perfectly

Works fine looks good but you have to reopen the app every time you turn off the screen plz fix this Highly Recommend.

Its superb.. GIVING IT 5 STARS... But Please Reduce Ads man.. And wht about developing a new LockScreen Works great

Thia is best but this app must have a shortcut of data connection turn on or of. Fantastic

Why does a window open every time i open the control center saying it will capture every thing on my screen? And when i tick dont show this again it still open anway and why does it want to caprure my screen.. I dont want or to Flawless

One little complaint; could you make the orientation lock, volume, and brightness backgrounds white instead of the cream colour. Not bad

Perfect! But when I go to swipe it cuts out the first time, then I must swipe again for it to work Enjoy it!

Disappears after boosting phone, can't on the torch..Plz fix this things.. Works perfectly

Why when I remove in recent task on vivo y53 in few minute is not show in few minute is show but after 30 minute ago is stop and not show please improve and fix Pretty good

Really amazing app. Works great and is fluent. I have one question though. What is the button with the two arrows? What does it do? Great job

Very good does what it's supposed to although volume could be more precise as it will go up in intervals Omg

I really thought that it would we like the rest of these apps and not work but it actually does Muito bom!

Very good app. The only problem that I have encountered is when you swipe it up once, it will crash and will swipe for the 2nd time so it would work and slide up. Please fix and Thank you Go well

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