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Don't believe that I found a gem. Is there a pro version? Possible to replace the data button with the media volume button? Just wow

Why there are some prblems when I exit or remove the app on the task? Like when I exit the bar at the bottom also remove? Pls fix it thanks Omg

I think it is an amazing app so you won't have to scroll thought your whole phone you just to have to tap the bar Enjoy it!

I actually like the fact they would come out with something like this...its a cool feature to add to your phone Recommend

Useful because I do not have to go on and off things I can just go to my contral center wow lol

Take the time to set it up with the apps you'd like to run with it and it works perfectly Well done!!

Works great, very smooth, exactly like ios11. The only problem is it makes my keyboard stay on lock screen if I lock the phone while using a messaging app. S7 galaxy Edit to add: the optipn to hide when keyboard is showing fixed this problem. Awesome app! Fantastic

Its a great app although i have 2 problems. The night mode doesn't work and how do i get my music player to look like the one shown? Superb!

I love this! Having a large phone it's vital to have such easy access to something like this! It was a bit "on your own" for setup. Instructions or a tutorial would have been helpful. But I am savvy enough to mess with everything, so I got it within minutes. If this doesn't affect battery life I'm definitely keeping my 5 star rating! Good work. Marvelous

It is good, customizable and beautiful. But not that useful. Anyone using an Android device is really adapted to the controls being on notification. I don't use it much but still it is good. If you are someone who has just switched from an iPhone to Android or want your phone to look like iPhone this is for you love it

as what my phone would say.. i like the way you "take c0ntroL"! ••• im not an app savvy of some sort..tons of apps come & go uninstalled in just minutes, a few hours or maybe days..just very few of those i tried before aren't fails. perhaps for me, this app's gonna stay for a while kudos! Worth it!

Amazing! I love it so much more then the other copies out there but the blurry background always has the mirroring sign which is annoying and I want to add more variety of things/ apps on the page, as you can only add 8 and I think you should have an opinion on making it higher but it's amazing, truely deserves 5* Fantastic

Really cool app. His other apps are really good . Makes my terrible HTC phone a lot easier to use. He should try to make more iPhone things( screen unlock) Fantastic

I like how the device doesn't completely change up my screen but simply just adds the iOS feature that you see in more recent iPhones. I absolutely love this app because its a way to get the iPhone features without the use of an iPhone. I recommend this app to anyone wanting an iPhone feature rather then an iPhone skin lookalike. So simple yet so easy to use. Superb!

A great app. *One Problem* After turning on the "show on everything" it makes the lock screen stay until I press the power button! It happened on my Samsung Galaxy J7 nxt. 5 star

The app is just too good.... Must have

I loved it! I'm on Android and i had an IPhone but gave it away, and I'm not used to the controls for Android yet so I found this and it's better. Recommend

This is very useful for Samsung Devices! The ease of access is wonderful. Fabulous!

i love this app so so so so much. it helps me out really well ! one thing is just that it many times dissapear when i clean my history and that kinda bothers me. it didnt turn off before the last update. it would be nice if you could fix it. thank you ! ;3 Muito bom!

Good job with the app but I have 3 suggestions: 1. Can you put notifications to show in that control center above buttons? Swipe to dismiss? 2. Is there a way to activate auto brightness? 3. Small pay to remove adds? Works great

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