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This is great everyone can use this app is so cool it's like u really have an iPhone Perfect

Perfectly working as I wish.. The only thing that is missing is notification data on/off switch, etc Worth a go!

How to make the recording works? I already tried to adjust the setting but it seems not working as i expected. It says that the the record video are not supported. Pretty good

Why is it that when I screen record and it is saved in my settings, when I play the video it is just a black screen with the screen record symbol in the middle Omg

Great app like all of your recent apps but the screen record option should have internal sound and the higher resolution options need to be made available Go well

Really good and everything working perfectly, not too many ads. It's really good however one improvement I'd that when the screen rec video saves, there isn't black space either side. Get this app though it's super helpful! Awesome

I only downloaded this like 20 min ago amd the last time i went to use it, it told me that i have to rate it five stars to have it work you need to fix this asap cause its not working as it was before Recommend

This is a great app for any phone except for Apple because apple phones already have this built in to the phone system. Not bad

Best app they both work together very well.but i want a total hide option for control center so that i can open it only from control panal that other one app of urs. Screen recorder feature doesn't work. Fabulous!

Hi! Can u help me with the screen recording?? It doesn't work, it doesn't appear even though I selected it... I like the app but I just need the screen recorder. love it

Cool app ass always,this recording feture is so cool my games run smood with no lag,but it would be also cool if you add internal audio record in the future updates Works perfectly

Amazing! however the screen blurr is exactly like transparent and no longer has a blur. Truly deserves 5* if this feature could get fixed in the future. Thank you for such an amazing app! Brilliant

Just only one thing needed After closing the app we lose the control to access the function We again need to open the app If it can be updated then I am sure that 99℅ of people will not uninstall the app. What u said in reply I done it BT still the same problem I am facing Marvelous

I just installed this app and it want me to rate just after install it, but how can I rate it if I dont have experience with it yet? DEV?? Surprisingly

I'm unable to change video record resolution, basically it's not changing though I've the options. Muito bom!

I am an android user that does not like Apple at all actually but this app is very convenient and fun to use, thanks to developers. Great!

I love this app but the blury background stopped working after a month i used the app plz fix this.everything else is perfect . Awesome

Omg compared to other apps similar to this one ugh I just this app it has everything you need I definitely recommend it Great job

It’s a great app but unfortunately after allowing the app mic permission to record audio with screen capture, the app repeatedly crashes Superb!

Nise app but the 3D touch is not working even though it's tell's me to select then also its not working please help me  Worth a go!

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