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Very good but if its just me sorry but as soon as I clear the app the control centre goes aswell Muito bom!

Was sceptical at first, but gave it a shot. No regrets this is a solid app. Great ideas. Highly Recommend.

Boss app. Does what it is supposed to do. Love the fact that I can bring up my camera, calculator, flashlight, and control my settings with a swipe that has the interface of a IOS. Easy to use and adjust in the settings. Keep the good work up guys. Love this app Marvelous

This is a very nice app. The controls are snappy, and it looks and feels very nice. It has a very good user interface. It's easy to use and has some nice features. Very useful app. Works great

Its kind of nice and daebaj wich means amazing the app is amzing for me cuz i dont have any iphone gadget so this is wort it Perfect

I couldn't open the control center. I could open the app but not the control center Must have

This app is actually really good. The style is beautiful, and just like the real thing. It was honestly surprisingly excellent. The only downside is when you customize the control center ads are everywhere, but it's 100% worth it. EDIT: theres a glitch when you turn off your phone when the keyboard is up. The keyboard shows on the lockscreen and doesn't go away. Could you fix this please? Worth it!

It's a sexy app but...... U should hv given some more customising features like size of each widget in the panel, and should have given data on/an upgrade, I really need this appoff button and other options, please do. And make it disappear once u open keyboard Cool

Great app to use.. kudos to the developer.. but I'm getting error like 'update newest control center application' .. but I downloaded both application at the same time.. please help me on this.. wow lol

Outstanding! This app is the best iOS app I've ever used. A thing I'd like to see is screen record so its really like iOS 11 Muito bom!

Honestly a great app! I love apple's style, I just hate the lack of phone freedom so this is great if you're like me! Perfect

Perfect! Very easy to customize, but when I change the laguage to "Norway"-It's supposed to be Norwegian but what ever-It doesn't do anything? Must have

App is so useful and makes my phone look like an iPhone and gives me some of the same features that I usually couldnt have!! 5 stars! Great!

Makes me feel like I have an iPhone when I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S5 phone. Love it. Works great

It's a good app and has helped improve my life by cutting down seconds that have led to me having hours of time to spend doing what I love.. doing nothing Recommend

Thanku so much for this amazing app cuz i tot i hve t buy iphone jus for this launch, hahah jus joking. Its awesome ! Perfect!

ONLY ONE BUG:The music player when expanded, the volume bar underneath it doesn't sync with the one on main screen of the control center. Otherwise awesome app. Not bad

Think this app needs more functionality in terms of settings e.g. mobile data and blue filter. Also if you could add more coustom apps, that would be good. Well done!!

Make it a paid app with no adds. Can you add the Blue light filter button to the control centre Superb!

It is really great app and easy to use too and it give real functionality of ios too Just wow

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