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Love it. Has some bugs with the long press on music only working sometimes. Also needs a function to lock the bar. I want it to be invisible, but I accidentally seem to keep moving the bar. Enjoy it!

It's nice and all of the features work well, but if you close out the app completely, it disappears which I dislike. Cool

Only two bugs that I've noticed. One is that the Do Not Disturb button does not function. The other is in the Blurred background feature sometimes it doesn't work correctly. Other than that the app is good. I would like if you could find out what's wrong with the Do Not Disturb button though. Keep up the good work. I have the Galaxy S8 active for reference. Amazing!

This app is actually really good one. But I recommended that you should insert ads after few steps, not each like currently. The 2nd, there are two bugs that I found: Do not disturb and Data button doesn't work, and sometimes I have 2 edge after I moved it then turn on "Show on everything" option. Enjoy it!

It works similar to ios's control center but has a few minor issues like not displaying Pandora songs. Perfect!

No ads while running outside of app and works just as good if not better than apples. Good

Great idea But too many ads hope it will fix soon & have more options. I don't like it to my lock screen. Fantastic

The 3d touch music control's volume bar doesn't sync with the the one on main screen of control center. otherwise gr8 app Well done!!

I love this app, very functional and sleek looking. So far, I haven't experienced any lagging. Absolutely love it! Omg

Grt.. App. but the prob is it doesn't look like it belongs to our device.. Means for android!!.. It looks fake Great job

I love it I'm a apple user n I watched to Android n I struggled having to swipe down n not up lol but this helps me Great job

It's coo too many advertisement tho. And an invasion of privacy they want permission to record your screen and everything u do. Fix this and I'll rate 5 stars. Must have

It is good in every things by leaving one thing. As you see it is transparent also and that's good but the background of that is the same. It didn't matter you change the wallpaper or not but this app always has same background. Please fix it. Always same background even changing the wallpaper feels boring. It's sad. Marvelous

Great app but there has to be some changes some minor controls Like - looking the position of the bar at the bottom -Making the bar completely invisible so the glitch with screen overlay never comes Thats it Please consider making these changes Great app by the way. You almost nailed iOS. This is the reason we love android. Omg

Solid. But it is hard to swipe out, you have to really stick your thumb down and intentionally drag it to swipe it out. If you can improve that in an update that'd be great. Works perfectly

this is great app although there is an ad still I wish changing the squar of top corner left,example:auto sync change to Mobile Data!! Surprisingly

Very dope! I love this. Please how can I reach the developer? Please sir kindly contact me with Yucee.Sam song mail com Thanks... I love web programming and others. Go well

Diverse functionality that allows you to use the screen as a button. Amazing app, would recommend to anyone. Muito bom!

It works all the way, but the only problem I have is when I go to screen shot, it "crashes" my phone, other then that, everything works amazingly Works great

it is very amazing!!!! but only one issue that is it cannot on/off the data connection. pls clear that issue please 5 star

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