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This app is the best. Can you please add rounded corners, because third party as don't work with this one at the same time Go well

I am using it since long time and it is a very fine app that give an easy access to your shortcuts anytime.. Awesome

It's really great I just got it so I don't know what is going to happen later on. The only thing that troubles me is there atento many ads Works great

I was skeptical at first, I absolutely hate iPhone, but by using this for such a short amount of time, it's a must download, a *must* I tell you. Well done!!

not good because this app works not on swipe works on touch and this automatically swipe up without want Enjoy it!

Great app! Absolutely do NOT like the ads what so ever. I'd be more then willing to pay for the app to remove ads. Otherwise well recommend if you have patience with ads. Superb!

I think that this app is great especially for those who switched from ios to android.They can still experience the ios feel while having an android.Good job mr or mrs developer! Amazing!

Just made the transition from iOS to android after 4-5 years on iOS, it's a little taste of home but has also been linked perfectly to android native apps, extremely well put together! bare in mind people, if there is no native screen record for android yet so the developer cannot link a button to do such a thing! Pulled off the app perfectly! Well done and thank you. Flawless

Hey. Really love the design and flow of this app. The recording feature works well, but not so perfect. I keep getting that pop up "recorder is going to capture everything from your screen now" randomly, by randomly i mean even when i dont want to record my screen. Please fix this. When it works, it works very well. Thank you, i really hope you fix this. Keep doing a great job! Perfect

It's great although the recording systems don't work. After recording, all I got a black screen video with just the audio. This made me fell a bit down since I only came to this app for screen recording(Forgive me) but the rest is okay and fine but the recording systems aren't. please fix it though.. Great job

I think its a great app but.... It some times glitches but a little not a lot so I realy recommend this app for every one who can't get iPhone x like me Fabulous!

Was skeptical but this app is amazing! Yes, there are ads - BUT only when inside the actual app setting up your personalizations. Once that's done, you never really need to enter the actual app again and the control center does exactly what it's supposed to with no other issues and no other ads. Control center is the one thing I missed from iPhone, but now my Samsung is perfect. Thank you! Worth a go!

Wow I think i have a iPhone well yall should download this app right now Dont even read the description just hit the download button and U got ur iPhone Fantastic

Its a decent app except I've two issues which I find alot of people could relate to A) the screen recorded fails to work when you try to use it it won't let me B) when I'm using Snapchat the front screen flash fails to work because of the overlay Omg

This works well. 1 problem that screen recording does not works. Please improve it. I like this app very much Recommend

I don't know how to record while doing something on my screen, but I give this app a 4 star:) I would give it a 5 star but it has wayyyyyy to many ads. Not bad

Realllygood just every time i exit i gives me repeated ads Surprisingly

I'm not sure when the screen record is on. I'm not really sure how to use it but the rest of the app is great Great!

I like its but when I want to listen to music and do something else the music stops Marvelous

Best app! It let's me screen record!☺ It's a new feature!☺ Also, quality is very good! It's like having an iPhone in you own hands! Works perfectly

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