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I was torn between rating this app between 4 and 5 stars.... the app itself is wonderful. As I am someone who recently switched over to from an iOS back to android, this allows you to enjoy the benefits you get with android, in this case, samsung, while also having all the tools you'll need all in that one place. I read other reviews and a few people were concerned about opening it. For me I swipe left like I normally would to pull up my edge screen on my Note8. I couldn't find a way to change the gesture for opening the app itself. The big part about Apple's Control Center, is the ease of just being able to swipe up from the bottom at any time. I love the app and the customization feature is very handy as well. There are far too many ads even for a free verison, however, you can easily just skip them by pressing the back button once. The only thing that I recommend is allowing users to change the gesture that opens up control center from swiping left, to allowing people to be able to swipe up from the bottom. FOR ME THIS DOESN'T APPLY BECAUSE THAT GESTURE IS ALREADY SET FOR MY SAMSUNG PAY. I put that in caps to reiterate it. You are doing very good work! I didn't mind taking the time to let you know what I thought, what was good about it, and in some ways you can improve. I've seen a lot change with new rollouts. Again Good job and keep up the good work!! 5 star

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