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Absolutely Amazing! 150 thousand % The absolute best best best control center app that there is, And I don't write reviews often or like ever in less I am completely impressed and in love with the app So I just wanna give props to the inventor of this app because it is wonderful! You should be proud of yourself! So helpful easy great fabulous quick and gorgeous lol! Love love love! I love control center so much but I hate iphones so it's perfect for the me in that way but this one in particular is absolutely wonderful in every way! Useful doesn't even begin to cover it it is so so SO helpful so quick so easy to use and has awesome themes colors you can personalize Whatever you need or want to and I am all about making my stuff cute! Lol so the fact that this works so wonderfully and it has such a clean interface and you can personalize it change colors put your own photos and I mean all of that on a control center App is pretty awesome. I f****** love love love this thing so much. And if you like this you should also check Out easy touch pink, And the icon is a little pink heart but boys guys men don't let it fool you because you can absolutely change it to awesome themes and it's super easy to take screenshots you can put all of your favorite apps and you know different settings on it it's really really cool kind of like this but a little bit different and you can have a little floating icon or not but if you like this then you will love easy touch of pink and again it's not for girls and it doesn't stay A little pink heart, that's just the icon once you open it you can change it to awesome bad a** looking seems and it's so easy and awesome as well so if you like this still love that so check it out for sure! Thank you so much for making control center and all the beautiful themes and the beautiful interface I absolutely love it and cannot be more happy with this app, so great great job & again you should be proud! :) Amazing!

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