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Frankly to begin with, a very superb, useful and brilliant app. This app's control centre almost closely resembles that of the control centre in the IOS 11. I appreciate this app's developer team so much for painstakingly developing such a great app. But however within a few weeks, I have to uninstall this app due to that major android error named "Screen overlay detected" issue which locked almost all the apps and prevented me from accessing these apps especially the very important apps. This error also prevented me from turning permissions on or off for all the apps too. At first I didn't knew at all who was the culprit behind causing this sort of error and then finally after a few days, I found out that it was none other than this app and I have to immediately uninstall it. This major error has been there since it first appeared in the Android Marshmallow version and in the later versions affecting a lot of android users of these versions. But till as of now, Google hasn't taken any sort of initiative to rectify this error and eventhough, many websites have given the solutions to remove this error, all those remedies are just dumb solutions although these websites claim these solutions to be genuine. Because after all if you wanted to get rid of this error from your phone/tab, the one and the only genuine solution to this is that you have to identify and unfortunately uninstall those apps which causes this major error, for example in my case, it was this app which i liked so much and found it useful right from the very beginning itself. Recommend

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