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I struggled to find a solution to fix my contact sync problem. My issue occured after deleting numerous contacts and i couldn't solve it myself.This app was suggested, admittedly i was hesitant because i didn't want to risk losing my contacts. However it worked perfectly. What a pleasant surprise Marvelous

My contacts were not synchronized for three months. I installed this app and in minutes, the problem was completely solved. Thank you very much. Sorry that I can not support you due to financial constrains. Hope others used this app successfully will support the developers so that they can sustain the project to help others in future. Perfect

Worthless. It ran and found no problems with 325 of my contacts. I still habe 383 total contacts that will not sync to my phone from google. UPDATE. I wrote the review being mad about it, but it seems my problem did actually go away. The app showed no indication that it had actually done anything but since i have ran it, i have not had any more issues with disappearing contacts or contacts not syncing. Omg

Most valuable application which works for me in Jan 2018. Have been trying unsuccessfully for months to sync my S8 contacts with my Gmail contacts. Needs to restart to make it works. Decided to pay $2.50 for the Pro to support you. Highly Recommend.

LG V10 wouldn't sync Google contacts. This app immediately found that the issue was with my ICE(In Case of Emergency) list and fixed it. Not sure what kind of witchcraft that was, but it was a 10 second fix. Doesn't get much better than that. Great job

This app is a lifesaver. I had not been able to get my Google contacts to sync in over 6 months. This app ran for 30 seconds, and now everything is syncing perfectly. Just wow

Fix contacts sync problems every time I have one. Always able to sync right after running the app. My go to app when I'm having problems. Thanks! Pretty good

I have been synching errors, and unable to sync contacts for months. I tried ALL other avenues. Within 5 seconds of running this app it was 100% fixed! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. love it

The app supposedly fixed numerous contacts, but in the end it my Pixel 2 was still unable to sync with my Google contacts. I ran the app a second time, and it found no contacts to fix. Still, my contacts refuse to sync. EDIT: this app didn't solve my particular problem. Only removing and re-adding my Google account fixed it. However, this app's author was most helpful. Amazing!

This product was able to get my contacts to finally sync to Google! Now all my items are safely backed up into cloud! Highly recommend if you are having trouble with contacts syncing to just try this app! Well done!!

Syncing my contacts through Google would continuously give me an error. Nothing I did would fix this problem, but this app did. It was quick and easy, and I would recommend that anyone experiencing sync errors give this app a shot. love it

I can't properly rate an app that literally is so vague about what it does. I think it works but there didn't seem to be anything wrong with my contacts anyway. An extra 2 stars because the dev responded immediately. That's a really good sign. Fantastic

Dude, you are a genius! My contacts haven't synced since June 2017. I had tried everything short of a factory reset including deleting and reimporting them. This app found and fixed 133 errors and my contacts have have been syncing without an issue ever since. I bought the pro version of the app out of shear gratitude. Thank you. Cool

Top app perfect! I got fed up of messages saying my contacts were not being saved to Google, got it app and sorted! Thank You loads!!!! Not bad

Great job, well done to the creator of this app. It fixed my S7 contacts sync problem after I spent far too much time trying lots of fix-it advice to no avail. Turned out to be some corrupt entries. The fee version did the job but I bought the pro version to contribute. Thank you. Well done!!

Goggles can't synchronize my contacts since June 2017. My gmail can't call out my phone contact from my pc. Wasted lots of time on my phone to try to make it work, however in no avail. ( on my Samsung note 5). But your app works well. Thank you so much. Works perfectly

Absolutely wonderful. Fixed sync issues IMMEDIATELY when nothing else worked, and that was with the free version! I was so surprised and impressed that I gladly paid the $5 to unlock the pro version just to have on-hand for any future contact-sync issues. Truly a fantastic job by the developer. Thanks so much! Perfect

Google should pay Millions of Dollars to the Developer of this App and purchase the fix, Really appreciate the App, It solved a silly idiotic blunder of Google I had been struggling with no definite Solution. Kudos to Nikolay and his Talent Worth it!

Did exactly what it said it would do! This issue had been bugging me for months. Thank you! Surprisingly

I'm having trouble syncing my Google contacts. I thought it was fixed after I used this app, but unfortunately it wasn't. (I bought the pro version as thanks before I realized, the creator was kind enough to refund my money :) I still gave the app 3 stars because it works for some problems, just not mine unfortunately. Well done!!

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