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1,2,3Bhk GuruPrasad Real Estate Agent call 9860838726 [email protected] 5 star

Pics doesn't upload soon. Need to wait long time to see pics. Other similar apps don't have the same problem. Fabulous!

Some issues are right now in this app, when I am selecting the rent properties via maps option then the application stops working, Brilliant

One stop solution for all your Property related queries....With the help of Common floor Property Search I got best property to rent in in Bangalore in terms of Security, Budget & Connectivity. If still wondering about property related queries do refer this App & feel the difference !!!! Cool

So many things to improve in the app. Would love to select an area on map and search in the whole region. Without this feature, I was missing out listings just around the area. And when sharing a property on Whatsapp, it's ending up sharing the home page itself, not of the property we wanted to share. wow lol

The Common Floor App helped me a lot in searching a shelter in a completely unknown city of Bangalore. Thanks Buddy !! Go well

Unable to use the app. Please add ISD code of south korea (+82) in your list of ISD codes. I am unable to enter my phone number because of this missing ISD code in your app. Pretty good

Please add ISD code of south korea (+82) in your list of ISD codes. I am unable to enter my phone number because of this missing ISD code in your app. Highly Recommend.

Interface is great but ever since I downloaded the app, the location is fixed to Bangalore. When I attempt to change it, as soon as I tap the location bar, the app crashes. Can you fix it? Good

Your app is very user friendly and database is also good.I will suggest you to make one space for viewers to write note.As you know any interested viewer will call more than one number so it is quiet difficult to remembered the conversation. So adding note will be helpful and unique I guess. Awesome

Useful, but it's irritating that the app requires to provide contact information everytime I want to see contact information of a owner, even after signing in. love it

App is good and has all information needed. But it is difficult to type in search box for this app. It makes typing really slow and missing few characters while typing Marvelous

I just love the map option where it you just move the circle and property appear in that zone. It makes life so easy. Thanks Great!

Of use only when buying or selling a property. Groups by Common Floor is what you need to use if the MC uses common floor for your CHS. Not sure how well it works as I'll be uninstalling this. No use for me as of now. Brilliant

It's very difficult to upload photographs. Upload option does not support browsing to specific folder, instead all the photographs are displayed. I was trying to upload pics, but the app is taking too long to generate even the thumbnails. Also, pics from Facebook and Whatsapp and other folders are all shown together in one window making it so difficult to select images from Camera folder. Please fix this at the earliest. Surprisingly

It very good company I am using it from 2013. It has provided very good business and profit for me. I loved it. Highly Recommend.

Uninstalling Until the app can be stored on sd card. Taking up too much internal storage space. Cool

Useful app I got the right house for rent without any charges. But disappointed with the location of the properties most of them are wrong. Must have

New section required for Distressed Sale This section should feature properties featuring below: >20℅ lower than market price, anonymous listing (but verified by cf) from owners only. Such listing will help to liquidate/buy properties swiftly which is currently lacking for most of the listings. Win win for buyers and sellers. wow lol

Incredible This app helps me to filled my. requirements I love this app service it's good I suggest to whom are into real state or looking for a property just switch to common floor and get what you want anytime Not bad

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