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Great app! Every woman with a smartphone should have it! (psst! Great job

I actually really like this app, it is easy to use with so many features EXCEPT for some reason the notifications don't work consistently. I've set it as a priority app, restarted etc but the notifications just don't work on my system. If you're not relying on it for the pill, cycle reminders it's great though. Works perfectly

I found out about this app on YouTube. I suffer from PCOS. Woman that have it know what it is. I used this app to track my periods and to give me an estimate time of ovulation. When the forecast showed my ovulation days, I made sure to have s_x every three days. I started my tracking Dec 2016. I now have a 5 month old baby boy Mar 2018. I love this app! Pretty good

It would be if it would stop going back to the calendar every time I add a note or symptom etc etc Great!

Great for keeping track of your monthly cycle. The cloud save is wonderful if you lose or damage your phone too! Superb!

I've been using this app for years to track my periods. It's very useful and the backups are a great idea, especially when u get a new phone and want to reinstall the app. Muito bom!

Brilliant. Such a great app, totally worth the money to buy the pro version too. Go well

This helps keep track of my cycle with every needed detail. It's really easy to use. I highly recommend this app! Muito bom!

Used to love the app but now it tells me I'm fertile for 14 days a month which is not correct. Works great

I like being able to keep track of everything it helps so much since I've had problems with my cycle since my tubes were tied. Go well

I purchased this app 5 years ago and continue to use it everyday. I have tried other apps and strongly disliked them. I love this one and I highly recommend it. Amazing!

This app is great, I have been using it for 4 years. The backups are awesome I didn't have to worry that I would lose my info if I'd change my phone. I would suggest this app to any girl! Great job

I LOVE this app. Been using it for around 5 years now and have had 3 phones so far with NO trouble restoring data. Worth buying and using. So convenient. Superb!

I love this app!!! It is always exact!!! It is my go to every month to keep track of all my feminine information!!!! Highly Recommend.

I have been using this app for about 4 years now and it's very good. Definitely recommend it for anyone trying to convince too. Works perfectly

This is the perfect app, to keep up with your life, and its not so awesome moment's. Recommend for every young lady, and woman. Omg

I have 5 years of data on this app because it's so helpful and easy to use. Worth paying for. The backup feature makes switching phones seamless. Strongly recommend. Enjoy it!

This app has been invaluable for tracking my cycle and sexual activity. Been very useful when visiting the doctor. I think every girl should use this! Fantastic

I'm happy that I've used this app for almost 8 years; through every phone and reinstall I've been able to get my history back. Never had a problem. Superb!

Finally found the perfect period calendar, just really straight forward I love it. Well done!!

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