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Thanks for Devlop this app I can see the weather any time that what type of weather is tomorrow. Recommend

Would rate higher but can't figure out most of the little hourly weather icons and no where does it explain what they mean. Works great

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Ok app but no weather alerts, status bar shows only blank white square, no daily description, weather info pretty accurate. Uninstalled. Surprisingly

Widgets need work. I dont want to have to enable location to get the weather, just let me set the city or choose to use location services. Great job

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Check Fatima in Vatican's web Jesus Mary Jos Sts pray Be pure... Where's week of weather...Make pic on screen change for free in Fair Omg

While I think the info is good. I don't like the banner ad, that opens up first. I also don't like the app to stay in my notification panel. And I have to close it all the time. wow lol

Good app, would be perfect if it refreshed automatically and you could change the annoying date format. Superb!

they made me do this but its a pretty good app. ty Jesus John 3:16 = eternal life and its free also security for the beliver that trusts in Christ. Must have

It keeps displaying El Salvador asmt city. I moved through 3 different countries while using the app and it still shows me El Salvador set as my city of origen. Good

I feel it's not the most accurate, but I live in nz and the weather changes like crazy in in day lol Highly Recommend.

Overall good app. Doesn't refresh weather so I don't get an update when weather changes. Doesn't allow you to chose your current location and it doesn't show you an hourly update for the next day. Works great

Ok thanks I will be there at school tomorrow but does that sound like a good idea to talk to you? Fabulous!

Overall the app is good. Like interface as well. Only complain, it doesn't have current location weather option to set? Perfect!

very useful app.......helps determining temperature of any place we want to..... love it

Its just amazing........and its best thing is this app always updated weather report...its very user friendly...if we can download app widget instead of purchase then it will more glamorous..... Go well

Limited settings for configuration. Doesn't include precipitation for each day in t day forecast. Includes odd line graph which I think is for the temperature. I don't find that useful and it only wastes screen space Works great

It has accurate tempatures and attractive photos although it looks like a design from yahoo weather the radar map does not animate making it useless. But something else seems to be missing.perhaps allergie forecast, Flawless

Only drawback is it does not provides weather reports on the current location but we can add any location and track them. Best thing is about the look and feel. wow lol

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