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Candy Bubble Shooter It's very challenging! There is a point in the game that you can't play! Perfect!

I like this game . Some of the levels are hard to solve...but it was fun to solve that. Perfect

Usually, I give an app 4 stars until I know its rating... It shows an ad after every single level. I know the developer(s) deserve compensation, but that's just ridiculous. love it

Bubble shooter I love it but every now and then, there is always something wants to be downloaded while busy playing Worth a go!

bubble shooter while playing, i am enjoying so much. i know everybody will love this game once you start playing Perfect!

Plzzz I love this game, but its not working from last 2 days... Plz I don't want to lose my progress... Recommend

Addictive When I was elementary I spent more peso for this on the arcade shop he he so I saw this I really miss my old days :)

Bubble candy A great game have fun playing this game and you can have fun with me and this game

Candy Bubble is awesome game nice graphic and good game play : watch out, be focus to succeed Candy Bubble but stay relax to enjoy it.

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