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Thinking about This Car Games is difficult . The Price of these cars is Expensive . It's good if the prices of cars went down . Great job

Good game but the money for buy a new car is too much of earning in the race the creater is very business minded people Worth a go!

This game is far too good to go, best racing game, nice cars of various cute types, great graphics, engine sounds are real... Come experience the best of driving with the world's best sport Must have

Good graphics and controls. Not really liking the fact that it takes so long to get new cars,(without in app purchase)... Worth it!

Bakwasss game ,nitro dene ke naam par like karwate hai.control bekar hai ,speed meter hai nahi .sab normal hai Worth a go!

Cars should be available to purchase by wining games not by çard.. Anyway,good game though Works perfectly

I love this game becouse its to hard to win thats why you need to play hard to win the game. Great!

I don't like lot of things in this game the price of all the cars is so high so it's need to be pay for each cars so it's not good at all. Stupid game. Fabulous!

I love the game i have been searching for good racing games but they are not my type or take too much space #KeepTheGoodWorkUp Please upgrade Not bad

Awsum game... But sometimes after losing a game it took a lot of time to restart Must have

Very nice game but the cars are very expensive and game plz krny me paisa kam milta h 100 rs deta h Cool

Iss dope fun easy and u can play offline I think it doesn't mess up on slow internet doesn't need WiFi love it

It is difficult to unlock the car more fastly. Many coin are required Fantastic

Everytime I finish a match the text and everything goes wrong. Pls remove the fade effects or whatever text effects you have added in the get reward menu Just wow

Quite challenging which I like would like to upgrade more frequently and when online the adverts is just too much but overall I enjoy the game and even my 3 year old can't stop playing it. Awesome

The 1st and 2nd time when the race was over the scoreboard was super slow to show the times etc. why ??? Muito bom!

Very difficult to accumulate coins and unlock new vehicles,that's making me to give up on the game! Cool

This is a real lovely game I love it so much. Everything is nice but the items prices are too exorbitant. Its getting tougher. Its an excellent game game. It's absolutely fantastic game. With good graphics Good

What an amazing game to play it will pass out your time you don't know. It's an amazing game I just love it Fabulous!

Seems that you get your money's werth when you do in Game buying of up Grades, Coins or Cars. Best one if come across by far. Surprisingly

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