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Been using the app for a long time and now I'm very disappointed in this app cuz now none of my game will open on here. Fix this please. Perfect!

Cool app but at the time many same apps are there so developers should add some exciting features Worth it!

Runs second game fine. But having trouble with in-app purchases giving an error. Other than that, it does exactly what it says. love it

Please fix the bug asap because when im playing game it was log out suddenly and thats really annoyed me. Please fix it asap 5 star

I need this one light version for my phone this was his amazing thank you parallel this was his amazing thank you very much I like it very much for my phone is working comfort Works perfectly

Try this new game QUREKA..... Use invite code IRSH1 to get 2 lifeline..... Awesome game..... More reward.... U get 50% share of ur frnds winning amount..... Mini quiz to get extra lifeline.... Low data usage.... Best UI.... Quick PAYTM transfer.... Use code IRSH1 for extra 2 life Worth it!

Bhot mast apk h lekin isme 1 problam h ki ye mobile ko hang krata h Clone apk download kro aur maze lo real whatsapp ka wow lol

Guys guys while im using this app my phone will be super slow ,this is the light version !! Guys i need this app more, so pls do something Superb!

Great app. Now I can easily have 2 WhatsApp accounts. 4 stars because of the annoying and random full screen ads. Get rid of those and this is easily 5 stars from me. Worth a go!

Uninstalled recently, then had to install again cos I love the convenience of having everything in one app, I don't hv to switch accounts in my messenger, and download a separate FB app. The ads are easy to put up with, so I don't mind. Good job! wow lol

Crashes all the time on Pixel 2 (and I paid for a lifetime subscription as it used to work on my Galaxy S7). Sent several emails to support and have never received any response!!! 5 star

For Payment Apps like Phonepe sms is not going and getting sms sending failed even message balance is there. Pretty good

Very useful and very good app, it's works well.. Had a thing about it's heating the phone while using it for minutes. Should be improved Recommend

This app does not start quickly on my device and takes a lot of time to start any parallel application.why is it so? Pretty good

Adds are alot but ots ok, only the thing is I can not recieve notificatipn on time, will u please solve this issue Great!

Its all over good .but something wrong that its become after time by time heavy...and speed got slow something..and after all its very good awesome !! Marvelous

This is a great app for clash of clans so if never played it then try it out and also join clashmania the first one to show up Not bad

I like this apps.but can please delete the advertisement coz keep on disturbing while i want open the whatsapp but keep on comeout other apps wasting time.thank u Worth it!

So bad upgraded to Oreo 8, the app doesn't work anymore. My phone is OnePlus 5T. Please fix asap. TQ Highly Recommend.

It's great for dual SIM phones and it works well. I use it for whatsapp, but don't really like that the ads may suddenly play and blast through the speakers especially if I'm at work or class. But I guess if I'm not being a cheapo, I'd probably just buy the app. Marvelous

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