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Wtb Full Character Route This having to either spend tons of money to progress or else spend ann eternity feeling like in getting no where in an awesome story is posting me off. Go back to a flat price for the base game and then let us pay for character routes. You're just going to lose money by annoying people who can't spend $99 to play a mobile game at their own pace. A full console game costs less. 5 star

I love it but... Ruvel really you made him in one place were I told him to sleep on the coach. BUT he runs under my blankets and hugs me I was scared but none the less I LOVE this game Perfect!

I really like the game, but there's one thing: I got the game because I can play it for free. And it was said that the free version was no different from paying which is true story wise, but with items not so much. People who use AD coins have much more benefits. Like, I never see sales for people who mainly use soul for currency. Nor do I see starter packs. Soul is pretty hard to earn and I just feel that adding starter packs or multi packs could make it more worth while. wow lol

I love the game. The stories are great. But I am having a problem with my friend list limit. I have 97 friends but it says i could have 98 friends. Which means I should be able to add one more friend. But everytime I try to add one more friend it says i have reached my limit on friends and never sends my friend request. Thank you. Not bad

I love it. So much. The layout is so simple- that is great. The characters are awesome - Latis is my fav. And it is not too crowded on my page. Which makes it more enjoyable. The points system and stuff is good. But i am wondering if you guys could tweek it all a little.....its a bit redicules that a skirt or shirt on its own would cost almost as much soul as a dress on its own. And it takes a while to earn enough points for everything anyway. Amazing!

It is a really good storyline, but there are two things I don't like. I don't like the gates because it takes your energy, and there is a really good chance that you won't pass anyways, so you have to wait for more power just to try the gate again, maybe even without success. I also don't like that it takes FOUR HOURS just to get one energy. I think it should be one 1 or 2 hour(s) for one energy. After four hours, you kind of forget the storyline, and you only get to play about twice a day. Just wow

Good but.... This is game is great but the wait is long and I use all my power trying to get past the reapers mood checkpoint he always says no then I have to wait 4 hours for him to say no again please make it a 30 to 30 percent them I will give 5 stars Omg

I like this game a lot, it's very addictive and fun to play. However, I do have two concerns. One, when reading the story and you accidentally touch your screen before reading everything, it goes onto the next text dialog. Basically what I'm trying to say is that it's a bit too sensitive to touch in story mode, can you try fixing that please? Second of all, the items in the shop cost a LOT of souls so it makes it harder to get items that you need such as, pieces of justice, caged souls, and so on. Well, with that said, thank you for the wonderful app and the incredible artwork that has been put into this. Superb!

Ruvel is so cute He saved my life from the Devil I love this game you feel like samone loves you. I feel so safe with Rurel Pretty good

OK this app is the BEST! I play it all the time and my sister loves it too. this was funny we where fighting over "who do you want to capture your heart(soul)"my sister wanted to pick Diaval but I wanted to pick Ruvel and my sister was like "why?" Then I was like "what do you think? Ruvel is a Reaper and he is very hot" and my sister is like "no he's not I mean there all hot but Diaval is a demon he's hotter than Ruvel and latis combine so pick him!'' than my brother came out and was sick of the fighting than he yelled "the youngest one gets to pick!" Then I was like"HAHA in your face I'm the youngest so I get to pick!!!" My sister was like" -.- for real?" Then my brother was laughing his face off at both of us than I gave him the death look then he stop and I got to pick Ruvel I was like'"YAAAAAAAAAAAAA!'"but the game is awesome I love it I recommend it to everyone! wow lol

Only 4* rating because As people have pointed out, four hours for one story ticket is a long time, especially when the episode is so short! Also my I.D for anyone who needs/wants friends is F4ujxdx1wN :) Cool

I love this game!! It's so addicting and the gameplay is just awesome! If I could, I'd never put my phone down, spend all my money, and never leave my house all just to play this game!! Great!

Loved it!! I played it once. Then I became addicted to it. I play it non-stop. Thank you so much for this and other fantastic games. (P.S. You have amazing graphics) Well done!!

I love this game. Though I kind of wish I could link it to my Facebook. It didn't give me that option like other games have. It only gave me the option to link it to my email. This game has amazing graphics and it's just wonderful. love it

I really like this game. I really enjoy playing this game. My favorite character of all time to play has to be Feyril. This game is a lot of fun. Here's my user ID HnzdUPvsxq Feel free to use it and thanks! Flawless

Super addictive Love the game, super fun. I hate how i need to wait so long for more lives and some of the gates are hard to through. Otherwise, the storyline is amazing, the characters are really cool and its super addictive. Works great

Great! This app is really amazing! I'm in love with Ruvel Perfect

It's really great but... The game is awesome but the angel gate always get me. It takes 8 days to earn one crystal but good thing is you can buy them with the game money called souls and it is simple to get those and I wouldn't never delete this game for anything I simply love this game a lot and please make a second one almost like this one PLEASE Surprisingly

Bomb af I truly enjoy this game but they need make more power come quicker. It sticks having to wait 4 hours to get more power. The stories are also way to short for a full power other than that i love this game Must have

I loved this! I especially love Ruvel! My names is Ripa Tamashi which means Reaper Soul! My code is:CJnKmgkbdQ But I propose giving more power to entertain the players longer. Other than that, I love it! Recommend

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