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Very informative Cant wait to take it to the grocery store. Just took a load of many favorite unpaleo foods to the garbage can. Love the simplicity of this app. Perfect!

This app has great info about each food category. It has made this process easier Worth a go!

Exactly what I needed. Keeps me informed on just what I need. Started this new lifestyle six weeks ago, already reached my weight goal and no more headaches!! Awesome

Easy interface. Informative. Helps keep things simple. Over thinking or worrying too much can derail a healthy lifestyle. This app makes it simple to see what's healthy to eat on a Paleo diet AND provides further information if you want it. Perfect

It's a great help for someone just starting out on paleo, as well as someone who comes upon a food they just aren't sure about. Thank you! Great job

Paleo I love this app. As a new Paleo Diet follower, this shows me quickly whether a food is Paleo or shouldn't be eaten. Very helpful! Muito bom!

Great app short and sweet to the point. This app is easy to use and helps out beginners. However I'm confused to as why brocolli is added as a paleo. Brocolli didn't exist in the paleo lithic Era. Be cautious when following this app. I wouldn't say this app is true paleo diet but gets the job done. Surprisingly

Dr. Kumar Mukul Sahai, MBBS, (Pat), MD (Med) Very Informative App, Love It! Well done techies! Fundamental knowledge must every doctor know during his practice. In India however slow Internet interferes with it's parent website. Awesome <3

Great! This app is very simple to use and does great explaining the items under "more info". It is also very educational. I have been using this app to check everything I currently consume in preparation for my new life with Paleo. There are two suggestions I have. #1 include autoimmunity protocol, #2 ability to scan a barcode to search with.

Great app! This is a great app! It has so many types of food along with great explanations as to why a certain food is not paleo. I love it!!!

Easy to use Would prefer individual food writeups as opposed to lumping legumes and dairy etc. into broad categories.

I like it but... It's very handy to have a list however, there are items on the list that I've never heard of and consequently don't know exactly what they are. It just gives the item's category i.e. fruit or vegetable. So I find myself having to go to Google to find out what they are. It would be nice if things were defined along with a picture would really help.

Needs work It's pretty basic. Needs a scanner to scan different items in stores. Possibly add some recipes. It's doesn't have's different from butter. :)

Good app, with possibility for improvement? I like this app. For someone who wants to know quickly if something is paleo or not, it's very handy. My chief complaint is that I would like to see more specific details about specific foods under the "more info" tabs. Also, I see a lot of typos and punctuation errors which may cause confusion when trying to understand what is being read. With some computer software knowledge, I find that the punctuation errors I see, such as random question marks, are usually a result of cutting and pasting information.

Great Info. Many typos... I'd give 5 stars if the typos were fixed, the information is great though. During some reading there are parts where it seems some text was accidentally pasted in the middle of a sentence?

Great overall Really helps me as I get started on eating paleo. Doesn't always have everything I'm unsure about, but pretty awesome overall :)

useful and simple I love it! It's easy to use, very cut and dry, and really helps me figure things out.

Content The More Info section is good but since you are taking it directly from your site, the hyperlinks throw off the sentence structure. Makes reading a bit difficult.

Great for starters Lots of information on what you can and can't eat. Wish it had more foods and even recipes Enjoy it!

Awesome Love the app, trying to go on paleo diet so it will be really useful, the app accidentally lists egg white proteins as not paleo though, because once you click on the expansion it says "eggs are paleo" Muito bom!

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