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Too easy, i became bored in the first few minutes of attempting the missions. Maybe it gets harder, but I'm not going to wait a couple of levels before I'm challenged Marvelous

It's a really nice game..though the advt. endorsing this product shows that it will tell our IQ also but it's not so..I think that if they show the IQ levels along with the variousvlevela it would be good. Please give importance to this suggestion. Highly Recommend.

Looks very nice and very easy to use, but kind of boring so far. Also, even after paying for no apps, I'm still bombarded every few levels with offers to watch ads to get hints that I don't want. If I could turn those offers off, it would make a big difference. Just wow

I have been tried this game and I think of that is great.. We can be sharpen of our minds and fun.. I love it so much ! Thankz for the developer made this game.. So creative Muito bom!

It is a great game if you want to train your brain. But there are alot of ads. Plz try to fix that. Perfect

It is so much fun. It is also very addicting and stress relieving. I play it every night before bed. It helps me relax and is apparently raising my IQ. Recommend

This game was vary fun after a wile you understand diferent tricks to solving each one if i could i would rate 10 stars Works great

I think that there are WAY to many ads but over all I think it is a great game just please remove some all ads exept the ones where you get hints. Pretty good

It is a very nice and relaxing game, and it makes you see from all the points ( all the versions at each level) i love it Cool

The game is too simple, been through all the levels I've played and no difficulty. What happened to good old fashioned get stuck games? I feel like its just an ad based game. "let them finish the level quick so the ads can pile up". Great!

Love the game. But in honor of the 5mil downloads my ads went from a 10second ad every 3rd level to a 30sec ad after every level. Pretty frustrated since I am on the last level and it's taking 3 times longer to get through it Fantastic

Amazing Quality And Good Fun I find most games boring and unchallenging,but THIS game is fun, challenging and makes time fly! I have the highest IQ in my family and that for those who don't know a IQ is how smart you are. I personally think that we should all take IQ tests!ok on to the it 3.nice and challenging this game is friken (friken is a word to go in place of the F-word ) amazing! I have never see a single hint in the 5 years I've been playing this(yes I know seems a long time)(proof my IQ is super high) longest level I've ever played was exactly 5 seconds long!(more proof I have a high IQ and I'm smart) wow lol

Studying and plating at once. It's just like having fun with path in graph Theory. Although I have a problem that there is no exit game button, so I have close it by force, any solution? Pretty good

I loved it it is true that it contains many ads but they come when you finish a level and not between levels it gets harder and harder but it's interesting to solve them it contains some tricks for some levels but they keep changing like in a maths exercise so it is a good time pass and best for puzzle lovers love it

Ads can be a quite annoying but one can purchase an adfree package for a reasonable price. That aside, the overall game design is neat and worth the time. Works perfectly

Anyone who knows Euler's geometric rules on pathfinding or the Konigsburg problem will have no problem with the game. Too easy, not matter how you scale it. Fabulous!

We used to play this kind of games in our school days on the last Page of the notebook...and we only were the ones who used to make these puzzles...but now it's on our device only...and the game is very interesting as it gives more complicated strokes.... really very it also helps in sharpening our brain. Recommend

Easy game. Lots of ads. You can skip the ads faster if you remember where the x is and press it before it shows up Omg

Awesome puzzle game that challenges the brain and enhances hand-eye coordination as well. Would be better without do many ads but it's fine. Enjoy it!

I like it because I like puzzle games and I didn't know what the game was about first and my brother is the one who showed it to me Cool

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