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Great app but has very same stickers and signs ect... as a couple of different apps I already have intsalled!! Try to be more original ~ overall decent though ~ Go well

Love how I can make a difference to an ordinary photo plus it keeps me amused as I am almost bed bound and need things to do. Wish you would add more. Keep up good work. Can you add sizing? Well done!!

This app is pretty good, only thing I seen wrong with it is... it needs an (undo) button to go alone with the eraser!!! As for the Glitter, you have several selections!! It has a button to brighten & dim the effects, maybe the people that didn't see anything had that button accidentally turned all the way down??? A creative mind works well when using this app. wow lol

Not sure why others can't access their own photos as I can use my own photos just fine. Easy to use and effective. Worth it!

It does not allow me to choose my photos from the gallery or explorer..... On my Redmi 3S love it

It's a good app but its not that I wanted. But still had nice experience to use it! Superb!

Easy additions of glitter effects, however found it difficult to change background colour! There's also only an 'erase' function, which erases a whole lot of what's previously done! This app simply needs a BACK button to erase only last stroke of stars etc! Otherwise easy to use. Want some colour background changes and maybe glitter panels or shapes? Enjoy it!

Great app for adding some fanciful effects to your photos. Would have given 5 stars if it allowed you to zoom in to make the effects smaller and do more detailed work. Also it would be nice if you could adjust the opacity on one effect at a time instead of every effect that's on the photo. The app runs smooth and has several glitter effects to choose from, so great in that respect. Great!

Enjoying using this app so far. Really pretty looks and lots can be done within the app Good

it shows their name tag on the photo after editing... suddenly the adds are played... don't like the app at all wow lol

Its very nice app. I'm loving this. You all must use this app. Its amazing. I have no words to define this app Not bad

Pretty nice app to add kinds of sparkles.. All different kinds of sparklies Very nice app Recommend

Just learning about the app. A lot of fun so far, we love it! Its Worth having thanku Brilliant

بسیار عالی از برنامه ی زیبای شما ممنون Pretty good

It is a good app with so many effects that other apps may not contain love it great job Great!

OMG. ......... I LOVE THIS APP IT'S IS VERY CUTE Surprisingly

I love it but it makes my photos turn upside down.. r u able to fix it?? If u can thx Must have

Awesome app!!! Love it! Only 2 suggestions to make this app even better - allow app to be able to be moved to the SD card and a "color picker" to change color of the white glitters. Would be great if in future updates if these could be done. Cool

It is a fantastic app.i just can't define it ,this app has many gr8 effects .I loved it ,i recommend -u can try this app Marvelous

I love this app. It's easy to use and get great affects. I recommend this app you don't have to be a professional to get great pictures using this app Omg

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