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Pretty cool and a good way to pass time for sure. Like how to coin to real currency is extremely inflated on the coin side. Makes a lot more sense that way. Cool

Great game good graphics and easy to use. I dont ever have any problems with the game and there are some knives i dont like but there are a lot that i do like. This game is a great time killer and i understand why so many knives are different because some people like some knives better than others. All in all great game. Works great

Really good game I can see myself spending alot of time on it. Would like to see more customise options available Fabulous!

This is generally a good game. A lot of times all find myself playing endlessly and in order to get knifes you need to earn coins but this game gives you so many options to get coins for free that it is good to play. Recommend

Do it from the end of the knife handle to the very top of your screen and it's 100% success rate as long as you don't angle it off the plat form, games a good time killer though Omg

I love this game! Its fun and addicting. My only criticism is that with all the ads it can feel like more of a money generator than a game. The game itself is awesome but the ads get tedious I cant find myself playing for more than 30 seconds without an ad and its annoying. I think its cool that to unlock knives and get lives or to be revived in climb theres an ad but when you have so much incentive for people to watch ads it becomes a question of why arent these ads spaces out more in gameplay. Also i think the tire in race, when it can be cut, should be also purchasable by tokens. Or you can use gameplay ad incentive there. Other than that, amazing game, addicting game, fun game. All the options for knives are cool and all the references to nostalgic games really feels like its a reach out to the player. Keep up the good work. Surprisingly

Hey I've had the game on several phones now and it's awsome, but I have already completed a couple of badges yet I cant get the prize even though the bar is full. I had got the scores before the update with the badges, can you fix this? Great!

I've had this game on my phone for like a year and I still go back to it when I'm bored. Nuff said. Omg

Can't stop playing. Had this game since day one. Would like to have a bit more instructions with the badges tho. ?⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐+⭐ Works perfectly

Lots of microtransactions and such. Ads aren't completely overwhelming, but prevalent. The gameplay is still good though. Pretty good

This is the best game To cut off some annoying alone time. Absolutely recommend for download 'cuz even if y'all brain can't take the game it's still awesome!!!! Worth it!

I can't quite nail the controls. But besides that it's an amazing game. Came here because of Rusty Cage. Superb!

Love It A great app for killing time. A real app that I can't believe how much fun it is. Highly Recommend.

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This game is too good, but I wish you could earn all the knives instead of buying them.... That part isn't as cool but I know you have to try to make Fantastic

Knifes sometimes just don't stick even if they land good most annoying bug in there but yea it's ok Pretty good

I'm in rehab and I don't have internet this game helps me pass time while working on sobriety Cool

Dude, this game is great. The knife physics are actually realistic and not only that......THEY USE REAL KNIFES!!! Instant classic in my book Go well

It's really awesome and is a really good time killer and so many knifes to collect different modes that never get old Works perfectly

It is a great game but I was wondering. What Is the song played by the daily gift guitar axe. Amazing!

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