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Its really melodious, interesting as well as enjoyable to play music on it.... On the other hand its motivating n encouraging too cuz I got encouraged and started learning piano..... I'm 14 now ; I started learning leaning piano n bought a new one getting encouragement due to this app two months back n now I'm able to play any tune of any film's song or a music.... Now even this app is helpful to look for new tunes n musics........ I'm so glad, So happy about it.... Five stars to this app Works perfectly

The problem is when the game doesn't register that you have earned 3 stars on a song. Few songs that I've played up to 3 stars and the game didn't register it. Surprisingly family loves it and every morning they would get up and play on my tablet and play this game Works perfectly

I think the game is great but I think that we should have people on our level battling with us Just wow

I'll tell something related to this game that , a lover of playing musical instruments is not only his/her hooby instills a beautiful vision for him or her..... And this game has tell us that one could not be negative with music . We should be possitive with it . So, for this only I love this game Fabulous!

my level is stuck on 40 level 4667 xp no more I will get points please help me out 5 star

I like how they make a new one every year and it is a collection game because it's makes music Omg

It you love the classical music from komponists like Bach, Brahms, Goethe and more then u will love this Piano Tile. There are also songs submitted from players around the world. Just give it a try because I only rate roundabout 1 of 100 games I tried:) You will not regret Superb!

It's a great time killer! But.. The adds are very, very annoying. You get an add every 2 times you play a song. I would probably rate it 5 stars if it didn't show so many adds very often. Well done!!

I really like it would love it more if they had more recent songs or (like from pop 90s to now) other than that its great Perfect!

Very good game for on the go or for just enjoying 1 of 10 i rate it a 10 age range i would say 8+ defenetly get it worth the 2 days of waiting cause i dont have alot of data lol Omg

My score keeps freezing. 3 messages to admin and still no reply. Frozen score means no unlocking new songs. Pretty annoyed as I actually like the game Fabulous!

عاااااالیییی Worth a go!

Awesome theme songs. Loved the game. It gave me a chance to forget my worries and enjoy life. Omg

All things I love . Not bad

This game is awesome!! No one could ever get me off of it!!! It's a great strategy game for sore fingers!!!!!! Worth it!

It's a good game honestly but when it moves fast it clutches and result in loosing if that can be fix up give it five star no problem Highly Recommend.

It don't have alot of levels it has 3 levels it bad you have to pay to go to the levels don't listen to the other people there just trying to make you download the game DO NOT TRUST THEME ok the wost thing is that it has a glish. So DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME AND PEOPLE I LOVE THIS YOUTUBE NAME (CJ SO COOL) Must have

I thinkits amazing and right now..well just started but its great!!! Very good quality :) Cool

Every time I go online if I lose but up top and for some reason they get up top so quick I'm tired of have to lose and when I play a level sometime it goes super quick that I can't tap the black lines and very annoying it's so fake why can't i get a fake boost and why don't you slow down a level a little and why is the timer so short please fix it it is a good game but other words THE ONLINE SUCKS!!!! Great!

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