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AWESOME!!! This game is awesome and has nice pics. I love it even though it wouldn't let me go back to the home screen. You haters go on hatin' I don't care 5 star

My little pony I really love it because we can learn to draw and to color and my cousin really love little pony's Surprisingly

You people are haters Just because the game doesn't let you go back to your home screen you don't have to be such a hater about it Marvelous

Wow This is really cool I love mlp so much now I can color it too I give it 1000 stars not 5 Highly Recommend.

I love mlp all of you should try it even if you're 11 or above still you need to try it please for me Great!

Seriously guys Why do ya hate it? I take my time save my pictures and it's awesome 5 star plus 1 Just wow

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