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It is a very good app but it has lots of adds. Whenever I click on my pic an add shows up every time. love it

Passes the time easy and the only thing i dont like about it is the fact you have to pay to get everything Recommend

Cool colouring app. Lots of ads but still doesn't unlock everything until you pay a huge sum PER MONTH! Seems a bit ridiculous. I'll stick with the free stuff, it's pretty good Great!

The app is basic but has a decent variety of templates and colors. It has a feature where one can take a photo if their art and color it. This feature doesn't really work, however, either on photos or uploaded images. Still, for the templatesnit has, it works very nicely. 3.5/5. Go well

Almost nothing is free. It should be a priced game with no ads for those going upper class. Muito bom!

Probably a nice app if you pay for it by the month. The free options are severely limited. love it

Relaxing! Love the undo feature. This is also more precise than just scribbling in with a pencil tip. Brilliant

I wish it had a free pen mode so I could shade things the way I want to, but it still turns out rather pretty Must have

The subscription is pricy, but very well worth the cost. Coloring is easy, there are many different images to choose from, and a wide variety of colors/color palates/brushes. 5 star

I really dont like dis bc. You need to pay for cute colors and you are stuck with not so cute colors Pretty good

So entertaining and so many different fun options. I definitely recommend this as a great stress reliever! Perfect!

Awesome! I enjoy the fact that it's not just coloring they made a fun game (if one chooses to play) out of it! Also once your done with artwork you get several different options on how you filter it which I have to toot my horn by saying I did fabulous before filters the filters however make me look as though I am an actual! JK...joking aside it's really fun, relaxing...etc definitely install and enjoy! Superb!

It doesn't allows us to use eve4ything it just fine but not so good as mentioned Good

I was really pissed and this app calmed me down alot thanks guys easy to use awesome Enjoy it!

Love being able to color without having to get books and pencils out but I think the prices for the extras are ridiculously high, especially since you won't even OWN what you bought. Change this and instant 5 stars! Surprisingly

Cool colouring app, wish I didn't have to pay for more colours though. I'd watch advertising clips instead Just wow

I wish there wasn't so many that you have to pay for to be able to color. Other than that it is a fun coloring app. Awesome

Can you maybe make some of the pictures free because all the ones that i want to do use money even the simple ones they still say that you need to pay for it only the bad ones are free :( Works great

It ok BECAUSE you have to pay to even draw with it you get some free pictures but then its always asking you to watch a ad to get a picture so annoying like the creator Fantastic

I love the game it is just that I don't think it is fair that we all have to pay for some of the stuff some people can pay and some not then they are sad because they can not pay they have few or no money to pay like me and I'm sad because of it so I hope you can fix the problem please Worth a go!

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